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  • CornerStone


    Find some way of recording the nights events. Even if somone has to sit outside in a black van with infrared and ultrasound equipment.

    Not, ofcourse, that they will even LET you in the front door. Not to mention those with you. They will

    say you would be distracting from the normal progression of the meeting, sooo OUT you go.

    Recording laws, if I'm not mistaken, can be bypassed/justified if it's done for the protection of the community.

    Like, the communities children forinstance.


  • Pathofthorns

    It would be good to make sure a reporter accompanies you so if anything unethical takes place it will be sure to be in the media. Also, arriving just after the meeting has started will provide maximum discomfort for the congregation but might also provide them an opportunity to lock you out. This would be one meeting I would love to see.

    I can't see them having any reason for complaint if you all arrive quietly and take your seats since the meetings are "public" and we have all contributed financially in support of this organization.

    It would also be interesting to see if they are prepared for your "visit". If they are, then that would be additional confirmation of the Society monitoring this website.

    Good job in exposing the stupid and foolish games they play. In this day and age they look increasingly ridiculous.


  • Pathofthorns
    Now reel forward five years later, with the latest comments in the August 2002, Kingdom Ministry insert, the policy has been adjusted yet again, the "new" adjustment is that even if you say a greeting to your mother or father you could be disfellowshipped.

    Can you please provide the exact wording of the comment from the Society that supports your comments above? Thanks.


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  • Kismet


    A copy of the August 2002 Kingdom Ministry insert can be found here.


  • Scully


    Has any judicial action been taken against your wife? Does she still attend meetings regularly?

    If they haven't, and she still goes to meetings, perhaps your way "in" would be to accompany her. How can they grant your wife entry, yet refuse it to you - particularly if, say, she was suffering from some "mobility problems" and needed assistance..... see where I'm going with this??

    Love, Scully

  • witchywoman

    You are an outstanding leader. There should be no reason for the cong. not to allow you to enter. I don`t understand why they would attempt to prevent it. Please be careful. If there is any way that you can possibly find someone to look out for you. If someone could possibly have a camera to record all of this. Hidden of course. A nuetral party to witness any sort of american injustice that might take place. It definately would not hurt your case.

    Look them staight in the eyes. For all the sweet and innocent children, we love you and are with you.


  • MikeMusto

    Ted Jaracz stated that they do not go "beyond the things written"..........ummmm...ok

  • freeman


    I dont mean to sound disrespectful but you are getting exactly what you deserve. And if I were in their position, I would take similar actions against you too because its all they seem to know how to do.

    The fact is that you Bill Bowen are a stand-up guy and they are sniveling cowards, and this is how cowards deal with people like you. Their problem with you Bill is that you just refuse to play by their rules and you wont roll over and you wont play dead.

    You were supposed to turn a blind eye to the abuse going on like so many others in the organization have, but you didnt. And now through all the publicity you have generated, you are shinning a light on them and they are scrambling like a bunch of cockroaches.

    In their twisted geriatric minds they are taking a logical course of actions against you. From their viewpoint you got in their face about it, you showed them up for what they are, and now they are dealing with you in the only way they know how. How sad to see Gods supposed channel act like foolish old men, but that is what they are fools.

    Hang in there my friend, you are better then they are and you have thousands if not millions on your side.

    Freeman (proud to just share the planet with someone like Bill Bowen)

  • silentlambs

    Below is the letter I just received at this morning by way of my attorney. It appears the announcement will n ot be made this Thursday night, for that reason I will n ot be attending Thursday. I now wish to invite anyone who might like to appear before the appeal committee as witnesses to whether I have actually caused divisions in the congregation to come by to testify on Sunday. If you would like to offer support in that regard please let me know and I will be glad to explain further.



    of Jehovah's Witnesses

    c/o Presiding Overseer

    501 Hopkinsville Street, Princeton KY 42445


    William H. Bowen

    Dear Brother Bowen,

    Arrangements have made to hear your appeal of the decision made by the judicial committee that you should be disfellowshipped. The meeting has been set for Sunday August 11, 2002, at 5:00 PM , at the following address: Conference Room of the Holiday Inn Express, 173 Carroll Road, Benton, KY.

    Your Brother,

    Daniel L. McMullen

    Chairman-Appeal Committee

    Fax: 270-365-5334

    cc: L. Rush Hunt, Attorney at Law

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    Bill,I wish I could be there with you,I live in Canada and theres no way I can make it to Kentucky right now.If anyone can go with Bill,please do so,and watch out for him...OUTLAW

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