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  • LyinEyes

    Omg, LuckyLucy I am sitting here crying my eyes out , out of sheer appreciation. It was wonderful to see the bouquet of flowers and my mother's name out there. It seems like for so long , her name has been forbidden by so many , to even speak it , to remember her and a stranger with a heart of gold, says it. I havent been so move in quiet awhile. Thank you. I hope no one walks in on me now, i've got tears everywhere... but they are good tears, tears that she is being honored. At her funeral, since she was d/f not a soul showed up, not even to support me and wild who were active jw's. There were only a few flower arrangements................ she loved flowers,,,,,,, she even did it on the side at home ,she was talented in so many way. That always hurt me really bad ,,,no flowers.

    Thanks again............. I can't think of what eles to say...........

    Tinkerbell, i was in chat a few mins ago , andyou must have been onyour way out,, i have wanted to catch up with you , to tell you I love that poem. I have many I wrote to my mom, even letters, you always wonder why.

    Have you heard that song, where it says a soft place to fall,,,, it is the sister of shelby lynn, cant think of her name,,,,,,, the song was sung while robert redford danced with the woman in the horse whisperer........... i love that song........... omg i love that song. I will think of the singer in a minute , just a little overwhelmed right now and cant think.

    All my love to all of you,,,,,,,,,,,,, Dede oldest daughter of the beloved Lura Anne,

  • Tinkerbell4125


    I'm so sorry you lost your daughter. I am here anytime you need to chat my friend. My email is [email protected] me anytime!

    I think that if someone ask me now how my father died, I would tell them he died of depression. I feel depression is just like any other desease, if it's not treated, it can be fatal. I often feel guilty that I didn't see the warning signs. I'm sure you are aware of all the flood of emotions that come when you are faced with this.

    I use to go to a suicide support group on line, but I have found that since j.w.'s seem to have a back ground all their own, I have found it more comforting coming here. If anyone would like to check out the website, it's at

    The website has some great advice on how to deal with someone that has lost a loved one to suicide. Also some great info on how to deal with the loss of a loved one. The webmaster of the site is named Phillis. She lost her son to suicide. He also suffered from o.c.d. He was a wonderful young man.

    Sabine, please tell us about your daughter. What kind of woman was she? I'm sure you miss her very much. (((cyber hug)))

  • Latte


    Your poem what utterly moving, as heart wrenching.

    I absolutely agree that depression is treatable, and that talking would help such ones. I hope that society moves on in that area. Thank you Tinkerbell for sharing what are probably some of your innermost thoughts and feelings. I hope that in some small way some of the replies on this thead, (and the many others on this topic) can help ease the pain a little.


    I am so sorry to hear of your daughter..... is truly an aweful thing to loose someone so close. Please, always feel free to talk about it....Im sure that many people here would love to help share your pain, and perhaps help in some small way.


    I do agree with you that most dubs dont overly care if a non-dub dies.Yes they are trained to expect it. The family of Sarah I know are a very sensitive people, I know also that one of them have recently become lLL I dont know exactly what with.maybe depression caused by the loss of his sister. It will be such a shame if it has taken a suicide for him to realize just what he had in his lovely.....beautiful sister......Sarah.

    Thank you everyone for you heartfelt thoughts and feelings.

    Please PANORAMA cover this subject......I have others to tell of which make's me so sadand mad, as perhaps, yes....perhaps, they could have been avoided.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    My heart goes out to every one of you.

    It took me years to realize what my aunt had done. My family is still in total denial about it.

    I guess I find the denial the hardest part. People don't want to think about this topic. I am so glad you can all share this tragedy in your lives. - Another door unlocked


  • LuckyLucy


    I just read your reply and make -up is gone!! and im at work...(i'm crying so hard)

    I just don't want people to forget all these loved ones that have touched our lives just because they are not here physicaly.

    We can keep their memories alive if we keep talking about them and saying their names.

    My Aunt Erma killed herself at the tender age of 12 ( we think she was molested by her brother)I never got to meet her..but my mom told me what a loving and giveing little girl she was.

    I cannot even begin to image how it would feel to lose my mom..puts a huge lump in my throat

    Your mom has such a beautiful caught my eye right away....Lura Anne

  • onacruse

    My sincerest empathy with all of you that have lost someone to suicide. After I was df'd in 1979, and subsequently divorced in 1980, I laid there one night alone on my bed with 38 special in my mouth, loaded and cocked. To this day, I don't know why I didn't pull the trigger.

    No explanations from me to you, just empathy and tears.


  • Crystal

    I am glad you are still with us onacruse.
    I just met you in the chat room last night and you mentioned that you lived in Portland for many years.
    I told you that i want to move there.
    You were so kind and told me to e-mail you.
    All day long i was thinking...I wish I knew someone who lives in would make the move so much more easier.
    Do you realise , im just one life you have touched (just think of all the other ones you have touched)
    So glad you are still with us!!
    Feel free to e-mail me.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    onacruise - I'm so sad to hear you have felt the depths of that kind od desperation. It isn't a nice place to be.

    I don't know what it was that stopped me - maybe a whole bunch of little things

    Sure am glad you are still here though

  • Billygoat

    (((((Sabine, Tinkerbell, LyinEyes)))))

    After having lost an uncle and several friends to suicide I thought I would never create that pain for my family to deal with. I would never attempt suicide. I even remember agreeing with my father when he said his brother was "selfish" for committing suicide. How could Uncle Graig do something so hateful to us family by killing himself? And then I got disfellowshipped. Within a matter of weeks I finally understood the pain those people felt. I can't speak on behalf of all those struggling with suicidal thoughts, but I do understand where I was at during those low points. I didn't really WANT to die. I just wanted the pain to stop and I had no idea how to make it stop. I had no been given the skills to deal with depression or even low levels of stress. I've attempted suicide twice myself. So now instead of being judgemental towards those dealing with depression, I am much more compassionate. I KNOW how they feel. I know that state of relief knowing you don't have to deal with Life much longer. And it is a relief.

    This is very strange...but I had this dream last night of a friend of mine who committed suicide in college. I haven't thought about him in ages. But in my dream, he was alive and laughing and bartending at a restaurant we worked at. He was showing me pictures of his daughter, whom he never got a chance to see because of his death. This morning I've been thinking about him and my Uncle Graig a lot. And then today I come to see this thread.

    I do not believe God judges harshly those that commit suicide. I think He is compassionate and loving. He knows those people didn't have the skills to deal with the stressors that caused them to get to that low point. When He loses a "lamb" to suicide, He cries. He will remember them and will honor them at some point. I truly believe that.

    My heart goes out to those of you who've lost family/friends to suicide. I'm so grateful I wasn't successful. The pain it would have caused is now my reason for not attempting it again. I know I'm loved. By God and friends and family. That's an assurance unfortunately I didn't have back then.


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