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  • Latte

    Hi friends,

    Sister disfellowshipped between ages of 17-24yrs old. I lost track of her between this time as she was in another congregation.

    I eventually moved permanently to her cong. where her family were all Reg.Pioneers. I asked after Sarah where I was told "Oh she's disfellowshipped".........that was the answer to that.

    Fast forward on about 20yrs, I hear that Sarah has committed suicide.

    Now what makes me sad right now are the following:

    1) I never once caught her family speaking of her in all the years I was in that hall (approx 15yrs)

    2) Was any attempt(s) made to restore Sarah over the years?

    3) Was any extra consideration given for the fact her mother was in a single parent situation?

    4) What do you think was going on, in that poor girls head?

    5) Can those elders sleep at night now that she is dead?

    If ever there were a good follow-up subject for another JW Panorama, suicide I think would be it. I know of all toooo many!


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  • witchywoman

    This is tragic. I know of one. I had no idea that suicide was such an epidemic among the jws. It`s not hard for a thinking person to see why.

    This dspsping that they do is not a loving provision from God.

    So sad. You are right, more exposure of this sick cult is needed.


  • LyinEyes

    I agree Latte, too many suicides after being disfellowshipped. My mother committed suicide when she was only 35, the same age I am now. She had been a witness for 16 yrs and got d/f , four months later she was gone.

    At least you remember Sarah, maybe those in the hall remember her but in what way. I am all too familiar with what they thought of my mom, and they all have alot to answer for one day.

    I would like for there never to be anymore Sarah's, or Lura's( my mom) who are so alone and full of guilt that they take such a tragic road . I think it is a great idea to go public with the devestation that being disfellowshipped causes. I would be more than willing to give my full support to such an effort.

    It makes me feel good to know you still think of Sarah.

  • Latte


    No, you are right, its NOT a loving provision form God, its a dreadfully damaging abuseby MEN who think they are God!

    Thanks for your reply Witchy


    I am so sorry about your mother....... such a young age! Yes, the guilt and public disgrace is really appaulling. We are all so different, we can all bear different loads, clearly being DFd and cut off from ones family is too much to bear. It really is waaay too harsh.



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  • sunshineToo

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Latte}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} I am truly sorry about your friend.

    She was a victim of the WTS. When we talk about the silent lambs, we think of the survivors of molestation. But I begin to think victims as Sarah are lambs, too, who have been spiritually and emotionally abused and silenced.

  • LyinEyes

    Thank you , Sunshine for saying Sarah, and my mother too, were lambs. That made me cry. It made me feel so sorry for them and all the ones who die alone and in sorrow. They are like helpless lambs, left alone with no way to take care of themselves............. damn the WT!

    But ,,,,,,,,, that touched my heart Latte and sunshine.... thanks alot for your post.

  • sunshineToo


  • ISP

    I think that JW suicides are swept under the carpet ala child abuse. The perpetrators escape. I would like a register of those who have died in those circumstances and I would like any who knew those ones to determine as best they can what/who caused it. I think it would be another roll of shame for the WTS.


  • Latte


    made me feel so sorry for them and all the ones who die alone and in sorrow. They are like helpless lambs, left alone with no way to take care of themselves

    You expressed here just how I imagine poor Sarah. I wish very much to know more about Sarah, and perhaps speak out for her, and the others that I know of. Dear LyinEyes, I really cant begin to imagine this happening to my Mother, I feel so much for you........



  • Pistoff

    i am sorry for your mother, lyin eyes, and for YOU for your pain.
    I know three suicides, same kingdom hall, over 20 yr period.
    One was sister victimized by an elder at first, and then husband who divorced her;
    second was idealistic brother with new wife;
    third was VERY perfectionist sister with depression, a pioneer

    what makes me SICK to my stomach is that they cannot have a service in the kingdom hall

    OUR faith is one that is in the dark ages about most things, suicide included

    i take it back; i know a fourth, a sister df'd for substance abuse



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