IF BETHEL MONITORS this board what are they saying

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  • minimus

    Yes they are hypocritical. The writing dept. has all sorts of books that JW's can't read that include books on demonism, apostasy and sex.I guess as long as it's for research purposes it's o.k.

  • professor

    I would have to say I'm with Rizo on this one. The first step is getting to the information. The second step is having the brains and the courage to follow through with what you have learned. No one needs to tell you what to do. You already know in your heart.

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  • Xander
    A lawyer and a JW


    I don't believe in hell, but if there WERE such a place...

    that, there is the express ticket!

  • sunshineToo
  • searcher

    It seems to me that checking out such places as this board is the way that the gb gets 'new light'.

    Seems like every flash of new light has come directly after a wrong policy, or whatever is discussed on boards like this one.

    Seems like God uses opposers to 'brighten the truth'.


  • FrankRaven

    I think they are.Why?read on.......


    It is my considered opinion that AOL is worried about the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society.Why do I make this statement?Consider these facts....I was,until 8/8/2002,am a member of AOL and AOL has a messege discussion board on the Watchtower.And since last year,I've been writing factual documents on the Watchtower and within 24 to 48 hours that post I put in are gone.I've complained a few times to the room moniter and they say they didn't do it.Since they are the only ones that can,they are my prime suspects.But I let it slide.

    So when I do complain about abusive language,in which the moniters tell me if there is such an act to tell them,they refuse to do anything.Then I hear from other AOL members that tell me that their posts are gone,just as fast.

    Now I know that there are those who abusive the room and use bad language and abusive other members,because we are not Watchtower Followers,I know it's just par for the course.

    At times,people lie,but numbers don't lie.Out of,lets say,I put up 30 subject posts in a given year,and only about 6 go through for a week.Other people's post are up more then a month.Now that's strange.

    It seems to me,my opinion,equal time doesn't count to AOL.Especially the main topic is Watchtower Society.

    It's this writer's opinion that the Watchtower has a hold of some kind on AOL.

    it could be..............Smiles..........:-)

  • ChristianObserver

    Hello Frank :o)

    You mentioned an AOL board on the Watchtower. Is that an AOL members only board and how would AOL members access that board? I'd be very interested to know :o)


  • avengers

    I do not have any proof to whether the GB "monitors" this board.

    I do have proof that certain JW's indeed monitor this board. Some months ago I started on this journey to prove this, and yes!!!!!!

    Bingo. Read all about it. http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/forum/thread.asp?id=23498&site=3

  • Trauma_Hound

    [ sorry - personal details of purelanguage.net removed ]

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  • Dismembered

    If Watchtower headquarters is reading this board, they sure would not tell the R & F about it.

    Just my opinion

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