Ever get the shaft working for a brother...

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  • minimus

    I know of some elders that had businesses and they were always having trouble paying their employees (all brothers) on time . Some would notoriously change the rules of the agreement so that a brother had to work more than he was contracted to do with less pay.There is always the fear that if the employees give the elder a hard time, they will either be causing problems for themselves in the congregation or that they will be eventually terminated for a lame reason that technically may be correct. My feeling for years has been ,DON"T DO BUSINESS WITH THE BROTHERS because if anything legal happens you can't take your brother to court and if the local elders have to handle it they'll either probably botch it up or side with the elder.

  • blondie

    I will not do business with family members either even if not JWs. It is not worth whatever monetary gain you perceive may come your way. And never do business with a JW, family member or not. I second your statement, minimus, NEVER do business with a JW. And definitely do not do business with a brother or sister who already has a bad reputation. Just take $1,000 and set it on fire. It will be better in the long run.

  • ErieGuy

    Slighty off-topic, but following Farkel's opening, ...,_________

    I knew a deceased JW who retired from the I.R.S., who had worked for many years as an Auditor. That JW also just so happened to have been considered "spiritually weak" for decades by their local congregation._______

    Well, that deceased JW once confided in me why they just could never seem to keep a "good spirit" about "the work".__________

    Seems that over the years this JW IRS Auditor had noticed a "trend" that the percentage of "JW tax cheats" that this JW was catching was substantially higher than the percentage for the general population._________

    The JW confided in me that they had spotted so many JW Elders and MSs cheating on their taxes that it reached the point that this JW was questioning the unquestionable:______

    Could such widespread dishonesty really exist in the leadership of the only true religion?________

    The JW finally resolved the problem by reaching an agreement with the JW's supervisors that as soon as an "auditee" was identified as a JW, that the JW Auditor would remove themself from that case.________

    The fact that this "solution" made things "all better" in this JW's mind is another issue.

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