Subliminal Messages In WT Pictures???

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  • Sentinel

    Please don't be turned off because this is rather creepy and has "reference" only to the occult. Because the information was found on a website that I got from a post on this forum. I was curious. The site is a documentation by a gentleman with a long history of being a JW. His story is in book form and goes chapter by chapter, and his stories are not that unfamiliar to us here. He has been "out" and has composed lots of good, valuable information.

    Here is the site:

    Anyway, I'm really reading some good stuff, especially chapter three where he goes on to list all the things a JW has to remember at all times in order to be "faithful". He says there are over 1,400 of these items, but he only listed a few. He reminds us that the written "laws" of JW's are very different from the verbally expressed "conditions" of acceptance. Very, very good.

    Then I move on to his chapter 19. In here he makes reference to the fact that he has proof and documentation that in his own words (found on pages 4-6): "...I realized that this guy knows a lot more about the history of the witnesses than others. ...He said 'let me show you something' which I looked in amazement and could not believe my eyes......'What do you see there, he asked?' I looked and suddenly it hit me, I see a face in the palm of the hand in one of the illustrations---what on eath is that doing there, I asked, what is it?" More symbols were disclosed to him. Once he saw them, he could not imagine that it was actually true, but the evidence was in his hands. "....horns on the top of the letter 'S' for Satan."

    "More and more pictures were shown to me. ....a face of what appeared to be a Greek god Jupiter....he then refered me to a reference book by Derek Barefoot, a man who had done an in-depth study on JW's and the occult."

    So he purchased the book himself and found out for himself that there are on record pages of references to Occult imagery in the WT publications, now going back some twenty years!

    These images are outlined in his information and he is very specific. Has anyone on this forum ever heard of this before? The reason why I ask, is that in a really odd sort of way, it does make lots of sense. I mean, the mind control and everything...There is much more you can read there, but I had to stop and come here to ask the question on the Forum.

    My friends, we are talking about "signs of Satan" here, hidden inside the photographs used in the JW literature. This is very sinister I think. I asked my husband, (not religious-not JW) if he thought this might very well be true, and he said "absolutely". It is just another reason to understand why "they" have so much control over people.

    Now, I'm not into the Occult. I know some things about it. I know enough to stay away from it.....To me it is at the other end of Goodness.

    What do you think about all this? Could this really be true?


  • Gopher

    I found the quotes from independent art experts quite compelling. I just wonder, why would the WTS seek to "put one over" on their readers, in something so minutely detailed as the art? It's hard to believe, yet given the evidence, seems hard to deny.

    I know some will say that if you look hard enough in ANYTHING, you'll find what you're looking for. I'm sure that's the way the Society hopes people will think.

  • SYN

    Probably just a prank by a really bored painter at Brooklyn!

  • PandaJ

    From the pictures I saw on that site you linked, they all seem rather weak examples.

    How many pictures have been published by the WTS in all these years? I am sure this person has closely examined probably every one of them and used his imagination.

    I'm not saying someone didn't intentionally put them in, but those aren't convincing to me.

  • Solace

    At this point I believe anything is possible.

    Some may call it far fetched or bizarre but I have imagined similar. It wouldnt surprise me if it were true.

  • FreeFallin


    I read the first 3 chapters, plus his introduction and essay on Why JWs are afraid of what I Know.

    Very interesting. This man has had a horrible life. Haven't got to the scary parts yet, thanks for posting this link.


  • Sunspot

    Whooee! QUITE a topic, Sentinel!

    When I was a kid, I used to LOVE those pictures in different magazines and kiddie publications that had the "find the hidden objects", etc. Actually, I usually spotted them more quickly than the other kids; kind of a "trained eye" thing I'd guess.

    It never occurred to me as an adult, to play "find the hidden objects" in the WTS publications.......but I WILL say that MANY of the "illustrations" over my 30 year span of being a loyal Dub, DID give me an "uneasy" feeling, for some reason. A lot of the artwork seemed "awkward" to me (for lack of a better term) and just didn't "look right". I just chalked it up to the "artist" that had drawn these things I was "uncomfortable with", and their talent (or lack of) and told myself I was just being too picky. (making it my fault)

    Not long after I DAed myself, I came across a wonderful French website (HUGE) that had example after example of WTS illustrations that had LOTS of "find the hidden objects" within the pictures, but didn't let the READER know they were there....(WHY???)

    I went and got what few publications I had kept (I tossed out the rest) and THERE THEY WERE, just as the website had said they were! (Weird) I hafta say, it gave ME a creepy feeling, to say the least! It also reinforced my ever-growing disgust for the WTS, just wondering what the hell they were UP to? After ALL, they CLAIM to be SO PURE and "untouched" by ANYTHING demonic, etc. and constantly ASSURE their followers as to their integrity and honesty in all matters.

    I am STILL baffled as to WHAT the hell they ARE up to with these numerous occult images within their "pure" publications.


    "Probably just a prank by a really bored painter at Brooklyn!"

    Syn, I gotta take issue with this on two being that there must be MANY "bored painters" at Brooklyn.......and "they" have REALLY taken a lot of "artistic license" by incorporating occult images in the publications that their own "brothers and sisters" in the faith will be absorbing as their spiritual food. Hard to believe.

    The second being that, according to what *I* was told for so many years, that each publication goes through many "hands" before acceptances, completion, and printing. It would SEEM that SOMEONE along the line would SEE the "mistakes" in SO MANY illustrations over the years, don't you think?


    "From the pictures I saw on that site you linked, they all seem rather weak examples."

    Panda, WEAK EXAMPLES????? Seeing as how the Organization keeps battering everyone with their ongoing bragging that THEY are the ONLY TRUE RELIGION, there shouldn't even BE ANY EXAMPLES of hidden occult influence in their publications, weak or otherwise, RIGHT? Sorry, poor excuse, Panda!


    "At this point I believe anything is possible."

    Heaven, I agree, although I keep saying that nothing will surprise me any more, and does!


    Annie (who can't figure out why the margins are shrinking........LOL!)

  • truman

    I hesitate to make any comments on this subject, lest I end up looking like a crackpot, but this is a favorite subject of mine. In the late 70's, I (a witness at the time)read 2 books on the subject of subliminal imagery in commercial applications. They were called "Media Sexploitation" and "Subliminal Seduction", both by Wilson Bryan Key. They concern highly controversial subject matter, and are utterly fascinating, at least to me. They show how regular and widespread use of subliminal messages is present in much advertising, and they give some explanation for the reason it is used. In using archetypal imagery and subliminal imbedding techniques, the purveyors of such material hope to bypass the perceptual defenses, and reach the subconscious. Somehow if this can be done, it strengthens the impact of the conscious message. It is my belief that the presence of these techniques in the WT is a deliberate use of this psychological technology, with the same aim as those who use it commercially---to influence readers on deeper levels than can be done without these tools.

    This subject was one of the very first things I encountered on the internet about JW's when I first plugged 'jehovah's witnesses' into a search engine a number of years ago. When I saw the examples and went to the actual literature in my home to confirm it, I was deeply shocked and stunned. Unfortunately, I did my best to put that feeling behind me and go on as a faithful witness for several more years, before last year, when I finally woke up from the WT dream world.

    Again, I know this is very controversial, and many view it as bunk, but it does seem to be there over a long period of time in the pages of the WT. There surely must be a better reason than bored artists or practical jokes. Well, that's my opinion, and I'm sticking to it.


  • Dizzy Cat
    Dizzy Cat

    Those are utterly pathetic - sorry mate! A desperate attempt to read something into nothing.

    I have an S shaped mark on my arse, does that mean that I am part of a Satanic cult ?

  • link


    This is not going to help this thread one little bit buuuuuut!

    What you see and what you dont see in pictures and just how quickly you see it if you do, is dependent on things called neuroreceptors in the brain. One chemical that can affect this is dopamine. I have very little of this stuff and can't see anything in the pictures mentioned. My wife has lots and sees things that possible aren't there. (I don't know cos I can't see them anyway!)

    The subject is quite complicated, as many here will know, but it does go a long way to explaining the make up of humans and why we are all so different in every way. It also shows why there are so many different opinions about every subject on this board, simply because it is possible to see things in so many different ways.


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