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  • disneycuty

    I have a question: As you all know Jehovah's Witnesses view crystal ball, physics, as demonized or anything that is not suppose to be in the house like Tarot Cards. And Jehovah's Witness believe that the demons would bother them if they do these activities or have them in the house. Do you still believe that or do you think it is the Society's way of Mind Control over their members?

  • heathen

    I don't get involved in that crap even though I am not and never was a member of the jw religion.

  • YoursChelbie

    Hi and welcome to the board.

    Do you work at Disneyland?

    OK, seriously, my opinion on this is that anything associated with the occult is a waste of time.

    Tarrot reading, crystal balls Palm reading--they cannot be proven scientifically--so I don't waste my time with them.

    If fortune cookies and zodiac reading is a fun pastime for you, that's fine. Maybe it won't have a bad affect on you--As long as you know they are for ENTERTAINMENT purposes only.

    I mean, if a fortune teller really knew the future, why won't that person, GUESS or predict the LOTTERY numbers and WIN BIG? It's impossible, no one can predict anything.

    So, I personally find all that magic stuff a bit boring, and I don't bother with it.

    Anybody silly enough to call a 1-900 number to contact a PSYCHIC probably deserved to ripped off the $5.00 per minute fees...


  • libra_spirit

    The JW's use dark voodoo to keep thier members in fear, so they will need the brothers to help protect them from evil.

    When confronted by a demon, the best method to break the fear control it has over you is to face it, talk to it, then release the fear, bringing up the truth of the situation which created it. This is bringing things into the Light, so all will become visible. When the lies are exposed the demon will have no power over you. It takes courage and strength to turn and face it. This is the method shown by most all seekers of Spirituality including Jesus. The JW's will never tell you to speak with the demon and ask what it wants. Why it is there? They want you to keep supressing your fears, they can continue to use these fears to control you. This is black magic at it's best. They will instead teach you to fear the demons, and burn some object they will claim is producing the demon, this will resupress the fears but will not release them, it will not open you to the greater love and light gained from facing and removing the true problems you are having. As long as you turn away from your fears they will continue to grow and give others the power to use those fears to control you.

    If thier members started to face thier fears they would soon realize that they are strong enough to be Spiritual on thier own, then they would have far less trouble questioning the Orgs silly and false teachings about Bible prophecy. The urgency to save everyone in this short end time would fall away and thier membership would dwindle. They know that thier main hold over people is fear based, so why would they want thier members to be able to identify and difuse thier fears. "Demon talk" strengthens the feelings of urgency and fear, it is one of thier best tools. They teach the method of running away to Jehovah and his Org to make it all better, rather then facing and dealing with your demons.

  • TR

    There's no damn demons or wicked spirits, period. How do I know? I don't.


  • Mulan

    It has been my experience in recent months that there are some spirit entities out there.

    Some people, when presented with proof of this, will say it isn't proof, because they didn't see it.
    Even if I am credible, they don't want to believe, so they don't. There has to be the 'willingness to believe'.

    Sylvia Brown, a well known psychic, has explained many times, on the talk show circuit, that they cannot predict lotteries or horse races, etc. For some reason, it doesn't work. They also can't fortell their own futures.

    I saw her on Larry King last night and she is just amazing. I am very impressed with her, and she is 98% accurate. She even tells people when they will conceive and what the child will be, and she is always right. I know some of you guys will pooh-pooh this, but it is true. Call it demons, if you want to, but there is no harm done.

    Now, John Edward, is another story altogether. A fake, I think.

  • berten

    Out of interest I "dabbled" into things like Witchcraft,(Scott Cunningam's
    "A Guide For the Solitary Practitioner" is an excellent introduction to this.)
    I have never been troubled by any demons as described by the WTS.
    Clearly it's all scare tactics...

  • nancee park
    nancee park

    When JW elders find out you have non-Watchtower literature they themselves sometimes begin harassing you. Any odd, strange, weird happenings that ensue are logically not from demon spirit beings but from the elders directly or indirectly. Reports of "demons, demonization" and the like have alluded to voice, noise and physical manifestations that can much better explained by remote control activation of sound and voice transmitters, wiretapping and the like by men fearful of losing power, or in congregations hiding pedophilia and other dark secrets, of going to prison. Bethelites and exBethelites have sometimes reported seeing a picture or holographic projection of a "demon" man. This sort of conduct is typical of cults.

    Most JWs are not subjected to such harassment but since Henschel took office it has been reported much more frequently. Those who mention it to other JWs are immediately suspected by them of being mentally diseased or apostates, therefore instantly discredited. It is good if you encounter this yourself to buy one of those small sound-activated casette recorders that record only when there is noise of some sort and search for any of the small devices.

    The actual devices can vary in appearance. Sometimes they are obvious pieces of plastic, other times more like a piece of brown leaf or fibrous like hair, and are totally innocuous except that somewhere within is a very very tiny FM transmitter type device. If you turn the items in to the police they may also think you are nuts and may not have the necessary patience to explore them to ascertain that inside such mundane seeming things are actual miniature transmitters.

    You may thus be thought a mental case except that you can point to posts such as I am making here to indicate that this has precedent. What may be helpful is to search for the micro-devices, some as tiny as one-sixteenth inch square, on bedding or in carpet, near door entrance, TV, radio or occasionally on lawn or in car by hand or more quickly vacuum the area. A further difficulty is that even if authorities find that there is a noise making component in one of these tiny devices, it is still hard for them, you or anyone to definitely establish where whom the noise or even voice is transmitted, which can sometimes be miles away.

    Even more common, though, is wiretapping which has been done by lawbreakers using hook-switch by-pass. This is where you get a call, the person says little or nothing then you hang up. But while they had you on line they threw a switch which caused the line connection to continue even after you hung up. Thus, even while your phone is down on the holding unit the wire is still live and transmitting whatever is said near it back to the listener. Beyond this, they also have recourse to infinity mikes and the like.

    Obviously such criminally used devices have to be placed in your house or apartment as when elders or their pals come to visit or enter uninvited when you are gone. Thus check that windows and doors are locked or barricaded. Use the anonymity of the internet to post an account of such violations of personal privacy. I suspect in time enough people will do so and even email to etc that authorities will take such allegations seriously. After all, what they do to private citizens can also be done to public officials including other those in other countries.

    Right now most JWs and exJWs scorn, deride and thus re-victimize victims of such privacy invasions just as formerly most did regarding those who had been sexually assaulted by JW elders and ministerial servants. Only by your speaking up and being made fun of though will the pattern eventually be seen and determined credible. This discussion board makes anonymity and speaking out relatively easy, though again expect ridicule.

    The JW apologists who profess to be and indeed may be exJWs will sometimes write "it's kooks like you who give us real apostates a bad name," or "I'm a fourth generation JW and never heard of such a thing." Take heart, though, for they did the same with pedophile victims too, and time will tell. It is true too that even as high up as the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses not all elders know about the "darker side" or policing activities of the Watchtower Society.

    For example Ray Franz has written of elders spying from behind bushes on a JWs house until he snuck up behind them and took a picture of them, using camcording exJWs observing the memorial at a private apartment in Greece etc. Also Ray Franz found out that down in the basement permanent files of Judicial Committee records and the like are kept on JWs and exJWs even long after they have died. Local elders are to destroy such records locally, although they do not always do so, but the Watchtower Society itself keeps permanent copies.

    So Ray had not known of these things until he stumbled across them and logically other Governing Body members also did not and now also do not know of those things. So even at the top rungs of the ladder all things are not told. Too bad for some Governing Body members and rank-and-filers would be upset and demand the darkness cease if they did know about it.

    These days the Watchtower Society top-down is on their highest ever "it's the Last Days!" or "Armageddon is upon us!!" alert. There are fanatics in any organization that has money and fears losing it along with face and power, and being a billion dollars category organization the Watchtower Society is no exception.

    Such insane activities by fanatics are often accompanied by words or expressions like "Yeah, that's Jehovah's holy spirit in action!", "the congregation is being cleansed, refined, sifted, disciplining," "the CO and DO selected the congregation as a Host Congregation" as in not just hosting as in hospitality but as in "Jehovah of Hosts or Armies," or "it was an instance as with Saul of Jehovah's evil spirit coming into play."

    Let us do all we can to continue battling against the tyranny of those who criminally help pedophiles and seek to persecute those victims and their family members or friends who are courageous enough to speak up. And let us also expose their efforts to criminally discredit their critics. Our voices are strong and will get stronger and heard all the better despite such violations of ethics.

    To Ted Jarasch, Milt Henschel and the rest, are you listening?

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  • kenpodragon

    I am heavy into all those things, and have not met a demon yet.

  • minimus

    I believe in demonism but I feel that JW's LOVE to blame everything on the Devil.

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