Stone Circles?

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  • Dawn

    Naw.........ya'll have it wrong.

    The stone circles were set up to mark the party zone. This civilization lived long before mass transportation and roads were set up. Therefore, you couldn't very well invite neighboring towns the the bachelor party on Friday night being held at Zimbob's Tavern, corner of 4th & Lee - so they set up the stone circles and sent smoke signals to the invite - something like " 2 moons.......climb big hill......find large stones....bring beer"

    Also - the circle worked as a sort of "barrier" - keeping those party animals in one area. Without the zonal area the drunken ancients could have wondered off into the desert never to be seen again. This way they could all be safely found by their significant other companions come morning when they had passed out next to the head rock. Additionally, there was no smoking allowed outside of the tribal party zone area - this protected the young innocent ones from smoke.

    See..............we really haven't changed much in 5000 years

  • Mutz

    Nice pic of the Hurlers Celtic. Brings back memories of charging through them when I was out riding on Bodmin Moor a few years ago.

  • aluminutty

    ROTFL, LOL! Great theory! Thanks for the insite and accompanying mental image. With all that smoke, they would have also acted as a great big bug repelant zone. The ancients would have viewed this freedom from bug attacks as a tramendous boon as the ancients were short in the supply of Off and other similar products. . LOL!

  • arachnia

    Mulan....Avebury is one of my favorite places on earth. Ironically, I went there with my JW friend and her family - her father an elder and of the anointed. It's one of her favorite places as well. And there was definitely an "otherworldly" sense the entire time I was there, despite my skepticism - that's one of the places/experiences that has prevented me from becoming atheist - those sort of things just won't allow me to abandon all belief. Thank you for the photo - it's a welcome sight this morning. I spent all last night dreaming about my friend - I lost touch with her six years ago when I left the Borg and it's one of my biggest life's regrets. So seeing something that we both love really hit the spot today. :)


  • Celtic

    More pictures of Stonehenge stone circle in Wiltshire:

    ps click on boxes, links working ok

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  • ChuckD
  • frogit


    Got it wrong

    The white car in the middle is not facing the sunrise on longest day so all the other carts are out of line!

    Ironic really when you thing of all the deaths caused by car crashes, just another form of sacrifices!


  • Kenneson


    The 38 foot diameter stone circle you mention is located along Brickell Ave. in downtown Miami, Florida near the mouth of the Miami River. Called the Miami Circle, it was discovered in 1998 and believed carved by Tequesta Indians about 2,000 years ago. The site was purchased for 26.7 million dollars and may be made into a State Park. Efforts are also being made to protect and preserve it from the elements.

  • TruckerGB

    Not Far from where I live In Weston-Super-mare,Somerset,Is a place called Stanton Drew.

    A wooden henge has been discovered there very recently,which pre dates the 'stone' henges.


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  • Valis

    Not to be outdone...Texans built there own...

    Click Pic for story..


    District Overbeer

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