The Movie "Signs"--Review

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  • Tanalyst

    Took the see it at the drive-in last nite. No one was impressed. I give it a 1. All the $ they raked in and the movie scene is in 2 houses & cornfield. Only 1 simple crop circle. I want my money back!

    They showed XXX then, which was OK. I give that a 6.

  • jelly

    The movie defiantly had holes in the plot that you could drive a truck through. It was also not up to the standards of the sixth sense or even unbreakable. Taking that into account I still have to say that I liked the movie and would recommend it. I think a lot of people are coming into this movie with misaligned expectations that are causing disappointment. This movie is not Brave Hart by any stretch of the imagination. I knew going into this movie than it was going to be more of a drama than an action movie so I was not disappointed. If youre going to see this movie think along the lines of the close encounters of the third kind movie type.


  • StinkyPantz

    I personally loved the movie and disagree that "Unbreakable" was better; that movie sucked!

  • patio34

    Hi SP,

    I thought Unbreakable was bad too. Enjoyed Signs a lot more!

    One of my favorite lines in Signs was:

    "It may be an over-reaction, but I'm willing to live with that." (Spoken by Mel, when locking up everything I think.)


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