Theocratic Warfare at my house part 3, the end

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  • freeman

    Thank you all who responded to my earlier post, I am pleased to say there has been a major development.

    Just twenty minutes ago I was sitting at the piano and my wife comes up to me and says, "I talked to the brothers, you were absolutely right, I apologize, he (my minor son) will never go to the meetings again". I sat there in stunned shock both happy and sad at the same time. It was a victory, but a very hollow victory. My minor son will not be sneaked off to be further indoctrinated, but at the same time it gave me no joy whatsoever to see her cower and lament under the yoke of these elders or even me her own husband.

    God I hate this cult!

    I so hate the fact that I can just cut and paste the magic words from the Watchtower magazine, put them in a letter, have the elders read it, and then my wife is told by these small-minded men to obey me. I just know it was the little blurb I put in this letter gleaned from a Watchtower that says blah blah blah unbelieving husband still the head, blah blah blah, he calls the shots, blah blah blah.

    So thats it. Now I know how to make my wife jump through hoops, all I have to do is find it somewhere in a publication written by corrupt men that are in possession of not even quite a high school education. Disgusting!

    Did I mention


    Freeman (celebrating his hollow victory with tears not of joy)

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  • libra_spirit


    And what did you expect? On the one hand I am happy for you, and especially your son. You can not know how much you would have regretted this later in life if you had allowed him to be programmed as has been the case with my two sons.

    On the other hand, I too felt compassion for my Ex-wife watching her knuckle under to the Elders crap, even with the most important things in her life, which I feel are sacred. Her life is sacred to me, and yet she is willing to submitt to such a discusting role to be submissive to them in all things. I pitty her, and I pitty your wife too. I wish there was some magic words that could be uttered to awaken people from the trance induced by the JW cult, but there is not. At some point you have to realise they want to be there, and then you must move on without them.......

    Warm Hugs, and congratulations!

  • LizardSnot
    LizardSnot've won one battle...that being your son.

    Count that as a win and see what happens with your wife next.


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  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    STAGGERING POST dude........absolutely staggering.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    When you married your wife, I'm sure both of you looked foward eagerly to pleasing EACH OTHER amd to doing things to make EACH OTHER'S heart glad. It is natural and proper that you would have taken joy in doing things for her to fulfill her wishes, and that you would anticipate her doing the same for you.

    Men of the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society have taken a third part in your marriage. Now your wife concerns herself with what she must do to please OTHER MEN IN THE CONGREGATION, and she asks for their PERMISSION to do what is pleasing to you, her husband.

    How would she feel if you began having meals prepared for you by another woman, or if you began consulting with another woman about how you should behave as a husband?

    Feel free to share this with her.

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  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Okay.... I read all your threads on this. I know its become a personal issue now between YOU and THEM.

    But at 13 years old...Id ask the kid (in private) what he wants to do. If he wants to go to meetings. Id let him. Thats my position.

  • Sabine

    Freeman, I feel for you. It does seem like a hollow victory, but I personally would do anything to get young, impressionable kids out of this cult.

    (((Big hugs to you and your son))).



    I know exactly how you feel. When my wife went back to the Borg I forbid the children from going. My kids are 6, 5, and 2. Now the real issue here is that my work scedual is weird. I work swing shift and my days off coincide well enough that whenever she is at meeting I am able to watch the kids. I however am also the back up for a small dept. that requries me to every few month's work diffrent hours every few months. That meant she would either have to find childcare so that she could go to meeting or not go. I found out that she had been takeing them. I told her that it would stop now or the kids and I would leave...that's it. Well she got all up in arms. We faught for weeks on this issue. She finally had her study partner talk to the elders for her thinking they would back her up. Her study partner calls one night and I hear " no I'm quite suprised OK". After about 10 min. of trying to get it out of her what the call was about (she had not told me that she had her freind talk to the elders)...she told me. The elders said I was right and that if I said no..then she could not bring a matter of fact I had the authority to forbid ANY WTS teachings to my children. She was calm and matter of fact about it. Just the day before we had a huge fight over this issue. I sat there with my jaw on the floor....not at the fact that the elders backed me up, but at the weird "well that's that" attitude. BOOM just like that, the elders speak and all the passion on the issue is gone. I too felt it as a hollow victory. I felt such sorrow at this blatent display of my wifes mind becomeing part of the hive.


  • YoursChelbie

    This is really interesting to me because I'm in the opposite situation.

    My husband is totally set on following this religion. I stopped going out in the door to door work and all the meetings about two years ago. At first, he would say that he wanted to take our two children along. But after a while, he stopped asking that they go with him.

    I did feel that this was a major victory. You can teach your children how to be balanced and non-judgemental much more effectively when they aren't constantly bombarded with propaganda.

    Your wife thinks that "God is testing her" and that if she is a good wife she will "win you over" into her religion. That's what wives are taught when they are married to an "unbeliever." It's a definite strain on the relationship. I have come to a point were I don't love him anymore. There is no questioning that this religion breaks familes up. Hang in there and maybe you'll win her over to reason.


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  • ErieGuy

    IMHO, I would take her statement with a grain of salt, while looking over my shoulder for that run-away dump truck that is going to run over my ass.______

    As for those recommending that you allow your young teenager to make his own decision about becoming a member of A CULT, why don't you just just cut off your balls and hand them to him also, so that he then will be the only man in the house.

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