what kind of addict are you?

by Incense_and_Peppermints 44 Replies latest jw friends

  • The_Bad_Seed

    I am addicted to cheese. The worst kind.

  • Sentinel


    I think I am addicted to this JW Forum....

    Until I really began using my new home computer in May, I had no idea that a site like this even existed. I found it all by myself one Saturday, just out of curiosity. My heart pounded. My eyes were fixed. Minutes turned to hours. Yep.....I'm addicted alright!

    Now I have someplace to go, where a common bond is shared. Only by having the "JW experience" can one ever truly understand what we've been through. My husband is the sweetest guy, but he has just never really understood. He has always felt so helpless in trying to "fix" all the problems relating to that time period in my life. He is so happy for me now, because I have my own place to go to, and share my stories and to learn some new insight from others. It has made a big difference in our life.

    I am also addicted to joy and happiness since finally becoming "free". Some have tried to bring me down from this high, by warning me of my impending demise at Armegeddon, but they have not succeeded.

    I'm a hopeless case...


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  • sunshineToo

    My morning black coffee. zzzzzzz......

  • sunshineToo


    I second that, too!

  • KKLUV155

    You are addicted to LIFE!

    You are outgoing and content with yourself. You make friends easily and have high goals to aim for. You are too good for drugs and all that bad stuff. (Some people would even go as far to say you are a goody-two-shoes.) :) But that's okay. Stay the way you are and you will get the most out of life!
  • Fredhall

    I'm addicted to love

  • zev

    mine said cocaine.

    i messed up my post, so live with it

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  • FiveShadows

    so.....does this mean "smoke crack and worship satan" instead?

  • TruckerGB

    Im addicted to life,I was hoping it would be cocain,never mind.

  • SYN

    I'm addicted to Moe and JWD, in that order! Oh, and caffeine.

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