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  • freeman

    In my wifes congregation almost every Elder was removed but I dont know why in most of the cases. It was so bad that the Watchtower Society had to bring in people from outside the area to take over. That says something doesnt it? If I had to speculate I would say there was a lot of porkn going on (sorry ladies). Of the few cases that I personally know about, and my wife likes to hide this stuff from me so I dont see the bad side of the JWs, it had a lot to do with the Elders kids getting in so much trouble.

    The most upstanding and hard-line Elder they have, make that had, has one son that stole a car, and went for a joy ride. Would you believe this one came over my house to at 2 in the morning to get my kid to ride with him? Nice.

    This hard-line Elders other son now steals stuff to pay for the heroin he pumps into his veins on a regular basis. Poor kid. Everyone knows they best thing to do for someone hooked on drugs is to shun them. Bastards!

    Yet another Elders kid is playing hide the salami with his girlfriend. Not that Im condemning that, I was no saint when I was a teenager, did a lot of that too but from what I understand the worst part of it is she is a worldly girl.Got that from the now X Elder himself, I cringed when he told me that.

    One sister moved out of the area because many of the lies she told were catching up to her all at once. She also has a lawsuit against her pending that was filed by one of the brothers. And from what I understand she now got married to a dub down in Texas. Wonder if this Texas dub knows how much mileage she has on the old beaver. (sorry again ladies)

    Now that she is gone, my older boy has fesses up to me that this 30+ year-old woman liked to hit on the young brothers in the congregation. Dont have the nerve to ask him if he gave her a go, just hope he used precautions if he did.

    Several people in the congregation got the boot or reproof for various sexual offenses as I understand. So I have to wonder, did the 30+ hot2trot sister have anything to do with Elders downfall? Only God knows and he don't talk to me no-more.

    Anyway that whats happing in my neck of the woods.


  • funkyderek

    Large groups of people were DF'd for apostacy or DA'd in Dublin around 1981, the time of the "Ray Franz incident." In some cases, I believe it was around half the congregation. I don't really know the details beyond that though.

  • Wren

    Here's my story. A close relative living in the Anchorage, AK area, at the time, 1960's, remembers a cong. either disbanded for awhile or 50% plus DF'd. This cong. was near Anchorage. This was, again, over signing a congregation petition to have someone disciplined. If I remember right, it was a case of slander & cliques taken to the extreme.(And you thought your Hall was gossipy)

    There isn't any tears, dramatics, backing up, or sweet talking, your way out of signing a petitian. WTS rule is not a democracy.

    The rest of the tale seemed overblown. There was little in the way of committee meetings if at all. A talk given, informing all from the platform, that all those signing the list can consider themselves, at this moment, DF'd. Bye Bye.

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