Will the force be with me??????

by SpiceItUp 25 Replies latest jw friends

  • Imbue

    LMAO...I believe she beat you PLM...Jedi in 2 months.

  • SpiceItUp

    You all love me....you really love me......

    Spider---- (crushes stormtroopers per request )

    Dutchie---thank you, thank you very much!

    Slippy----oooohhh. I feel soo priviledged that you came out of hiding just for little ol me. . (wheres that on buttom for the web-cam)

    Spaz---I am glad I make you smile..I always try anyway ..and hey dont feel bad--you will raech Jedihood when you are destined.

    Imbue---hee hee---I am still trying to find out if I have broken any kind of record..

    *sigh*---I still have not gotten my official light saber from the forum master----Simon am I still not worthy. ----please please I will work harder---I promise.

    Spice the newest member of the jedi class

    (just for Spaz) "For my first order of business as Miss World Jedi I will now realign all the planets so that they form a big smiley face and then solve world hunger by giving everyone a celebration cupcake"

    Edited because even as a Jedi I still can't spell...lol

    Edited by - spiceitup on 2 August 2002 9:43:46

  • MrMoe

    I have to go to my second job now only had literally 2 mintues to post -- so i can't get ya any fancy stuff to put in here like flowers or anything -- BUT

    Congrats on ur Jedi Status!!!



  • Nikita

    Just for you....



  • The Alchemist
    The Alchemist

    This is my 100th post and I am one tenth the poster you are and I feel great! Congratulations! Dave

  • SpiceItUp

    thanks Moe and Dave...

    And big thanks to Nikita for my light saber---I will use it proudly (or at least have fun with it

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