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  • apple829

    Here, burrrrrrrrrrrrp, here!


  • Room 215
    Room 215

    The drinking culture at Bethel is a legacy of the Rutherford era. I can count at least a half-dozen high level Bethelites, and two women married to senior staffers, that had serious problems with alcohol, several to the point of dysfunction and at least two to the point of institutionalization.

  • RunningMan

    This reminds me of a couple of my favorite quotes, both come from MASH:

    Do you drink? Hunnycut answers, "Only to excess."

    Hawkeye: "We have rum, gin, vodka, scotch, and bourbon. And for your convenience, all in one bottle."

  • Faraon

    Shame on you!

    Ever since I became a JW I only have one drink per day. The problem is that it is hard to drink tequila from a bucket without spilling it.

  • Xena

    LOL teejay....if they hadn't moved me from that bookstudy....who knows??????

  • RedhorseWoman

    There were quite a few drinkers in my former congregation. In fact, one pioneer sister was constantly getting arrested for driving under the influence and hit-and-run accidents when she was drunk. One of the elders would bail her out and hush it up.

    Every get together would have lots of liquor available, and most everyone would get pretty "comfortable".

    Since leaving, I've very seldom had a drink. In fact, the last thing I had liquor-wise was a glass of wine about a month ago.

  • zev

    count me in as a drinker.

    i have not changed much at all since i left, drink about as much as i did when i was in. once in a while i hit the hard stuff, me and JD have a fight, and dang it all JD wins everytime.

    i started "drinking" when i was under 5 years of age. its always been around the family, it was no secret, so it was no big deal to me at all. i have my times when i go long periods without drinking, sometimes years.

    no lately though. i drink mostly on weekends when i know i can be home for the day. i enjoy the relaxation, and unwind from the work week.

    and i hope mom doesn't read this, cuz she was really pissed the day my dad brought me home at a young tender 5 years old and couldn't walk over the door sill cuz i had consumed massive quantitys of beer


    de zev

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