We Disassociated Ourselves Tonite!!!

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  • myself

    Way to go Dede and Denny. I loved the mother-in-law's response, sounds like there is hope for her yet

  • patio34

    High 5 to both of you!!

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  • SpiderMonkey

    Oh my God!!! Lyin' Dede & Wild Denny, warmest apostate love and greetings

    this just kills me: "we know who told on us. It was a MS who was at the club just last week with another woman, not his wife of course, while she was at the meeting. He even toasted us and said he would be out in service the next day with a hangover. He must have confessed to his own sins and felt the need to tell on us. He was smoking too, one of my cigs, figured he would tell sooner or later."

    Way to go, bro, "clear" your conscience by making someone else take the fall! wooHOO.

    I called my sister and she was supportive since she has been d/a for 2 yrs. My mother in law called and I told her since she was a JW , she couldnt talk to me anymore I am d/a ,, she laughed and it wont be long before she follows suit. We are actually joking about it.

    I'm glad y'all have a support group ready in place, & glad y'all stuck it to 'em by DAing yourselves first!!! E-mail me if you want; I live in Metairie; we can talk on the phone or meet up if y'all are interested... I think we have the makings of the


  • CariocaGirl


    May this start a "chain" reaction w/ all your JW family members and friends and may your kid(s) enjoy

    the best X-mas ever!!!!!



  • gumby

    Congrats to both of you. Don't count on not missing people later on......I miss some old friends once in a while, and of coarse my family.


    Now stop smoking. There's nothing to rebel against.

    I wish rebelling was the reason I smoke. I could have quit a long time ago.

  • noidea

    {{Lying Eyes & Wild Turkey}}...'s I'm so glad that you did so good emotionally while dealing with them. Nothing would have made them happier then for you to break under the pressure... CHEERS to you both!!!! ~Noi~

  • DakotaRed

    Welcome out and welcome back to the real world.

    Consider yourselves the latest Watchtower Decruits

    Lew W

    Watchtower Decruit

  • gsx1138

    Well I'm not happy that you're smoking but I am happy that you're free. Regardless of how I feel about smoking, welcome to the land of the living. It's good to see that you have some support, enjoy your life.

  • sunshineToo

    O.K. Um....but please reconsider your smoking habit. It is not good for your body and especially FOR YOUR SKIN!!! :-O ;-)

  • Dia

    To quote a representative from one of the cigarette companies:

    "Nicotine is an addictive substance, useful in the short-term alleviation of stress"

    Hope your new, less stressful life, will help you kick the habit. Best wishes for many happy holidays ahead - for all of you.

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