Top Cult Expert Steven Hassan makes statement about Jehovah's Witnesses

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    Thought this had to be made

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    wow, nice.
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  • Oubliette

    WTF, when and where did Stephen Hassan make the statement you quoted?

    Combating Cult Mind Control was published in 1988 and--as far as I can remember--Hassan did not mention JWs explicitly in that book.

  • sir82
    I don't think the WTS will ever "collapse" or "disappear", but if it were ever to take place, the most likely means would be due to loss of their tax exemption.
  • Billyblobber
    Source for quote?
  • Giordano

    Yes......... I am in agreement with Hassan and others on this. But to make that happen two things are needed. A massive overhaul of our freedom of religion clause and not for profit responsibilities. Reporting criminal actions has to be mandatory...... no clergy privilege when it comes to child or adult abuse.

    Second every state in the USA, for example, has to get on the same page when it comes to reporting criminal activities and abuse in the context of confessions and repentance.

    Why are Elders instructed to call Bethel Legal first? So they can be informed on what their State requires when it comes to the reporting laws involving a religion and someone who has confessed or is accused of abuse be it a child or adult victim.

    It's important that no state or country aids and abets (with Tax exempt status) a religion or not for profit that systematically covers up abuse under the guise of repentance.

    Does the Society and elder's not understand that if an abuser does not confess their guilt to the proper authorities and accept their punishment they are obviously not really repentant?

    It's interesting that even the Mormons who are as wack-a-doodle as the JW'S will excommunicate a child molester for life.

  • OrphanCrow
    Oubliette: --as far as I can remember--Hassan did not mention JWs explicitly in that book.

    Billybobber: Source for quote?

    Me too. Where is the source for the quote? Reference please.

  • Londo111
    Oubliette: Steve Hassan has recently updated his book, which now mentions JWs.
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