JARACZ: What Did He Really Mean?

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  • Englishman

    It went like this:

    BP: Tell me about the database. How do you justify keeping a list of paedophiles, men in some cases who have confessed to paedophilia but you have not reported them to an authority. What justification is there for you to keep that?

    TJ: You know, you are from Britain. You have privacy law. A directive from the European Union. You observe that don't you?

    OK, did he mean that BP was invading his privacy? Or did he mean that he was entitled to keep his molestor list private? (...plus, we do not have any privacy laws in the UK)

    BP: So if allegations are made of child abuse, its alright to keep them private?

    Did BP misunderstand him - perhaps deliberately?

    TJ: I think that question has been answered to your satisfaction.

    BP: Could you just answer it now?

    TJ: I'm not going to repeat, I'm just going to tell you, you can see it all in writing. You know the Bible says do not go beyond the things that are written. We do not go beyond the things that are written.

    See exactly what in writing?



    Hey E-man,TJ thinks he rules the roost in the real world.He was just trying to shut the reporter up.What a SHMUCK!!..LOL...OUTLAW

  • invisible

    Noticed that too E-man.

    I'll be talking with you on Sunday about some of this, plus if anyone needs a hand with putting their own documentary together, I have professional digital cameras and an editing suite available for use.

    Would you mind also emailing your telno through to me at [email protected] I'd like to talk with you immediately if thats ok with you.

    Kind regards to you and the missus.



  • one

    GB member really think they are above everybody, KINGS, should not be questioned...

  • Francois

    I didn't get to see that interview and I really wish I could have. Perhaps someone will post an entire transcript. From this post it seems that Jaracz tried to stonewall the British press? Really? Oh, joy in heaven. There's only one thing more frenzied than a reporter whose interview has tried to stonewall him, and that's plenty of sharks and blood in the water.

    Jaracz might as well bend over and kiss his ass goodbye.

    Anyone got an entire transcript?


  • Satanus


    Where ya bin, man? I know, you're a busy guy;) Maybe the following will work



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  • SYN

    Yup, old Jaracz pulled a bit of the good old Brooklyn Spit & Dodge there, didn't he? Did you notice how he didn't answer a SINGLE question properly? I think that reporter actually made him sweat a bit

  • Satanus

    Jaracz sure is fast on his feet. Not bad for an old guy. Course, he had to put on a good show for his sheeple. They are likely getting a good laugh about how he 'thwarted' one of satans thrusts. Gotta give the old bastard credit. He's a shark, who can swim among sharks.


  • D wiltshire
    D wiltshire


    I think TJ was following the old saying:

    "If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit"

    I think TJ really showed that the GB is not made of men who are very Christlike, and care very little about the children in the fold. TJ is a policy make and shouldn't have to hide behind PR men for decisions he a Key Player has made.

    I bet you the GB don't go around giving talks where the security is not tight anymore. I'm sure these cowards on the GB run from the press. The big bad GB what a bunch a whimps hiding behind PR men while they make these stupid policies that hurt so many. I hope they all get held up to public scrutiny and no longer are able to hide behind Organizational PR men who take the heat for their stupidity.

    Teddy boy sound like a true blue ASS HOLE.

    I hope the British JWs all see Panarama, for I'm sure those that do, won't be as brain dead as the JWs that are in the US, seeing that the GB are mainly a US based Organization. Would it not be grand if this lead to a big break from the WT organization in the US from the Organization in Britian, on the basis of this scandal.

  • Dutchie

    I'm wondering how she got such a choice seat as to be able to confront him immediately as he left the stage. With a camera too. Didn't they know that she was from the press? Is that allowed?

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