Watch Panorama programme here !

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  • Simon

    I've done a quick version to watch in Windows Media Player format ...

    Select the BBC Programme from the drop-down list (it's in two parts).

    The first programme starts at about 2 minutes (you get to see our weather report first) and has a good intro by the newsreader.

    Let me know if you have any problems ... I'll probably put a better quality version up when I have more time.

  • SYN

    Thanks Simon!

  • bad_associashun


    thank you!

  • Nowhere


    Can I download these clips to my computer in any way?

  • Simon

    I will try and make them available to download at some point.

    I have the BBC Panorama programme at near VHS quality which is about 200 Mb ... perhaps KaZaa or similar would be best for this?

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  • JanH

    Thanks, Simon.

    A very well made report, as always, by the BBC Panorama staff. They deserve great thanks.

    It is hard not to be shocked by the contrast between the tremendous courage displayed by these survivors who told their stories, and the pitiful cowardice of the JW elders and their leadership.

    Imagine, "God's own people" let them down, and social workers, police officers and the legal system in "Satan's world" believed them amd helped them.

    And again, thanks to Bill Bowen and all the others in the silentlambs project.

    I hope Ted Jaracz doesn't go to the grave before he answers for his crimes.

    - Jan

  • crawdad2

    thank you simon.

    i second everything jan said....

  • Xander

    Why not just a private FTP site?

    With Kazaa or eDonkey, or whatever, there is still the matter of the network indexing your computer and us then finding it. A private FTP site (address given only by emailed request) would seem to be the better way to go.

    In any case, I'd really like to get it. We just got a T1 in at work, and I think this might be an excellant use of it (small company, and I'm pretty much doing the network admin role, so no worries there....)

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Watched both programs! great stuff.

    I hope some of those kids take the Wt out to dance in the courtroom and strip the Org of every penny its got!

  • AlanF

    Julie here for Alan.

    Simon, thanks so much for posting this link. Alan left yesterday for a road trip and he knew he wouldn't have access to a computer until after the BBC took the archive file off the site. I couldn't figure out how he was going to view it, so I videotaped the monitor today. :-))

    Will this archive stay on your site indefinitely? Alan won't be home for THREE weeks!

    Many thanks!!


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