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    Perfection Seeker

    MR MOE- are you SERIOUS?!?!?!?!! Oh my- first of all- the talk AFTER getting married- surely you figured out getting on top the first night? LOL- but for her to say that- cracks me up! :-)

  • maxwell

    Had "the talk" when I was 11. But it wasn't as specific as it could have been. My dad told me what the male organ was, but only mentioned the female organ in a non specific way. I don't even think he used the word vagina. He just said the male organ fits naturally into the female genital area or something like that. A few years later, after hearing/seeing stuff in school, and health books, and putting 2+2 together, I was able to figure out that the a woman's belly button does NOT develop into her vagina. Believe it or not, that's the impression I had for a while.

  • LyinEyes

    I have to wonder, with sex , sex , sex, on the brain,( I seem to be replying to all the sex treads,) is there a link to being sexual repressed as a young person, then turning into a sex freak later?

    I wonder if , as most us were, kept in the dark regarding sex, would we be so interested in it if our parents would have not made it out to be so mysterious?

    Just from my overall view of most folks comments, it doesnt seem like there are alot of people with sexual hangups in this room. Of course that is just an observation, but seems like since we left the borg, we can now enjoy sex a hell of alot more. And it sure if fun to talk about it, even laugh about it.

  • Skeptic

    JWs aren't the only ones who don't tell their kids anything about sex. When I asked my father what VD was, he told me that you got it from toilets. Go figure.

    Even though my hometown was so kinky it made the news, I was raised in almost total ignorance of sex. I never really learned much about lovemaking until Windrider. I say she taught me, she says we learned together.

    I had always just answered my kids questions about sex as they asked, so they knew the very basics at a very young age. When one of my sons was 13, I told him that if he had any questions about sex, just ask cause I would rather him be told by me than by his friends. Two years later, that one ending up in an essay to his school about how I was a pervert. I was a pervert for saying if you want to ask, ask? And folks, we are talking about vanilla sex here.

    Now, my son is 17 and knows I am a Dominant (he asked) and he thinks that is the coolest thing ever. Go figure.

    I have tempered my policy of answering youngest son is asking WAY too many adult quesitons....I tell him I will tell him when he is older. There are some things a young child does not need to know. I did I ever mention that have three geniouses for kids is not necessarily a blessing?


  • Prisca

    I knew most of the basics by the time I was 5, and everything else was explained thanks to tv and women's magazines. I was allowed to go to sex ed classes, in fact we even had nights at primary (elementary to the yanks) school where educational films were shown to us and our parents.

    I always used to wonder about the term "birds and the bees". Having been told in plain English what sex was, it was a little confusing to then hear that birds and bees were also associated with sex!

  • yrs2long

    can't really relate. came home one day in the 4th grade and asked my mother if she did oral sex because my teacher said anyone who didn't was a prude. apparently, at the time my mother must not have been doing it because she marched right up to that school the next day. however, in the sixth grade my mother da'd herself, divorced my stepdad shortly after and even though we still weren't allowed to celebrate birthdays and holidays, sextalk became the norm in our household. I knew every inch of my mother's body as she often paraded around the house naked, inserting tampons in my presence and making me help her groom her body. She often encouraged me to explore myself 'down there' to see what I had and would often come out of the bedroom after a romp with her more than ten years younger new husband sighing, smacking her lips, and extolling the joys of receiving oral sex. As a teen, she taunted me into watching a porn flick with her, my sis and my brother-in-law and laughed and called me a prude while I squirmed in my seat. I avoided any sex talk with my mother and sister as much as possible by leaving the room at the slightest indication that it would occur. I lost myself in Harlequin Romance novels and romance movies to try to recapture some sanity towards sex. Shortly after high school I got baptized and married and realized I really should have listened to all of my mother's talk. I also probably should have experimented a little before marriage. edited to make paragraphs for easier reading

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  • bjorn

    I'm really sorry to read all this.. but wath is the rall proplem?.. Im sorry but like i see this.. its noting wrong wit the parents.. but its YOU.. im sorry to say it.. I can't see wats wrong about wath the BIBLE say: Galatians.6:7,8.

  • SPAZnik

    cut and paste

    This is a funny thread too.

    Reminded me of the Bible's "they lay down together"
    and what an innocent picture that painted for me
    as a child.

    When i wuz young
    my mother loved to talk A LOT
    very frankly,
    very openly
    and her favorite topic
    was sex and i HATED that.

    She was always accurate, mind you, and i'm glad for that now
    i just hated that it felt weird, yes BIZARRE, that it was my
    telling me this stuff that i figured i
    was entitled to figure out on my own, when
    and if and how i wanted to.

    So i refused to listen (*hands to ears, i'm not listening, lalala)

    I'm like mom, I'm 10. I really don't care about this chapter in the YOUTH book.(*yawn)
    Mom, I'm 11. I still don't care. I really wish you'd stop talking.
    MA, I'm in Grade 5 and you are the ONLY parent
    who insists on attending sex ed. day in health class and it's totally embarrassing to me. Especially when you put your hand up and question or comment. If you must come, could you just sit quietly.

    Ok, i'm 12, Grade 6, and i have one question, what is masturbation, i've heard rumours that it's bad? (that was a funny day, i still recall the look on her face haha)

    MAAAAAAAAW....okay it's Jr. High and if you are still
    interested in attending my sex ed. classes,
    then go ahead, but I won't be there, I will be
    in the library.

    And so on.

    Anyway, aside from scientific lectures
    and strategically placed books on "where do babies come from"
    from which i felt i knew far more than a 10 year old really needed to
    about sperms and eggs and all that "invisible schtuff"
    (& to her credit anytime anyone outside our family tried anything inappropriate, i knew i could talk to her about it and she would, & did, protect)

    Aside from all that,
    my sexual frame of reference
    for the longest time,
    where the opposite sex was concerned,

    amounted to

    the Bible Story about Joseph "fleeing" from Potiphar's Wife
    and the one about Dinah and Shechem
    "laying down together".

    It was funny to me when i had sex for the very first time (age 18)
    that really, "laying down together"
    was all i had really pictured up til then.
    So I was like "oh! so the girl spreads her legs!"

    Then it all came together.



    BTW Now I'm like, Ma, tell me something I don't know!

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