McKinney Texas pool party?

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  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer

    So today I was asked my thoughts on the pool party incident in McMinney, Texas.

    My response: It shows a clash of expectations.

    I saw police officers who expected citizens to listen to and follow instructions.

    I saw teenager citizens responding to police officers expecting them to act like their parents who let them refuse to follow instructions, mouth off and all without consequences.

    That's a bad mix. Oh, and the police get called to mop stuff up that began by poor upbringing.

    That's my take.

    I was asked specifically about the officer who drew his gun on unarmed males.

    My response: Well the guy taking the video from behind one of these males at least had a chance to see when the one guy's hand went behind his body (as he approached the officer!) that there was no weapon to draw. But the officer was not standing behind the approaching male. He was in front of the male and was being approached from his back/side. The cop was definitely hyped. But for me it's too early to say his reactions were unacceptable. I'll wait to hear a more comprehensive report based on multiple perspectives to the whole incident.

    Edited to add: The one guy who seemingly bumped his buddy even closer to the officer didn't do anyone any favor either.

  • out4good4

    Yeah....what a real tough guy that policeman was. A true piece of work and shining example of today's law enforcement protection and service with respect to interaction with the minority in the community.

    He couldn't be bothered go after either of the two male teens, black or white, he perceived as a more immediate and dangerous enough threat to draw his weapon on.

    But he sure went back to and spent a whole lot of time slamming a half naked 14 year old black girl to the ground and putting both of his knees in her back just for giving him a little lip and not "respecting" his authority. Looked to me like he was really getting off on that. His johnson was probably hard enough to cut diamonds with.

    I can only imagine the complete outrage and lack of patience for a comprehensive fully perceptive report had the race of those participants been reversed.

  • cappytan

    Little Man syndrome is what I saw.

    Here's a guy that if he acts like that in any other capacity gets a punch to the face.

    But he carries a gun and is a cop, so you're not allowed to take him down a peg or two.

    Only thing that brought this cop into submission was that it was caught on film.

  • paulmolark

    Experts say he over-reacted.

    He is a man of 5 foot 5 or 5 foot 6. He was shorter than the mean little girl that he tossed to the ground. His pride was hurt when he ran after the kids and he fell and busted his ass. He was yelling and cursing at children. He was forcibly throwing people to the ground when his own partners were actually acting like professionals.

    Notice how the other normal sized officer in the beginning was talking to the young boys like a human. Then this bozo pint-sized man runs in like a bull in a china shop.

  • millie210
    One well trained police dog and one calm handler could have had that situation under control quickly and with a minimum of fuss and drama.
  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer
    He couldn't be bothered go after either of the two male teens, black or white, he perceived as a more immediate and dangerous enough threat to draw his weapon on.

    We must have watched different videos. The one i watched showed the two males being pursued by two officers who left the one to finish his detention of the mouthy bikini clad gal.

    Cops are understandably skittish about being approached abruptly (and from behind no less!) when on the job and in uniform. We'll see how things look with more investigation.

    Clash of expectations is what i saw.

    - On one hand we have officers charged with keeping public order and who expect to be listened to and with reasonable requests obeyed.

    - On the other hand we have teenagers who expect officers to react just like their parents to disobedience and mouthiness.

    It's a bad brew, and we call the police only when there's an issue in need of remedy.

  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer
    Notice how the other normal sized officer in the beginning was talking to the young boys like a human. Then this bozo pint-sized man runs in like a bull in a china shop.

    I saw more than one officer running.

    I saw the officer you're talking about react in response to circumstances that were not of his making.

    As for unholstering his sidearm, the more I look at that video the more I feel like he responded appropriately from his perspective, and I think his training was on full alert. He had quick instinct to protect his person when his immediate space was approached from behind. His training had him protect his person, and it kept him from opening fire in the split second he had to decide whether it was necessary. One more thing about this sidearm, looks to me like he never put his finger on the trigger. If so, it's pure training.

  • violias

    There was a lot more that happened that was not shown on that video. Neighbors and those reporting this to 911 said the kids were running wild and cursing the police.

    I can't make a judgment just on the video b/c of all the circumstances involved. On the surface it did a appear the one officer was a bit heavy handed. That is just on the surface, however. I live not too far from this and I can't see this getting out of hand. The racial agitators will not be welcome here.

  • out4good4

    What I find disturbing is how some people are lining up to excuse this cop for what is clearly inexcusable behavior.

    There is an expectation for kids across the color spectrum to not show the best judgement and push boundaries, however, it at least should be expected that adults and in particular law enforcement officers, be held to a higher standard regardless of the circumstances they find themselves in and control the inclination to misdirected anger. With already 15 cops there, a few mouthy teens I wouldn't call imminently life threatening. All it would've taken was a call on the radio to get more manpower to get the situation under control. Or, as one poster already stated, one calm law enforcement professional with more than a few firing neurons with a police dog.

    Instead, we have one particular cop amongst the many acting professionally running around doing barrel rolls, slamming kids to the ground, screaming like a raving lunatic, dragging a bikini clad girl across concrete and grass slamming her face in the dirt, and being surprised when the situation escalates to the point where he feels he has to pull his weapon.

    If anyone else had or came across a kid who we felt was being mouthy, the same people singing this cops praises would be lining up to hang us by the balls if we were caught dragging them across concrete, slamming them on the ground, and standing atop them with both knees in their back regardless of the reasons precipitating the incident. CPS would be at your door ready to take all your kids away and the same policeman with knees in the back of the bikini clad girl would be taking our ass off to jail. Even dogs are given more consideration.

    But, in this case, some want to give this cop an "atta-boy", a pat on the back for being so diligent in "safeguarding" the community, and a gold metal.

    ...cause he has a badge and a gun.....


  • paulmolark

    As he runs up and falls and gets embarrassed he then begins yelling profanities at the people he serves. It's funny the other officers were professionals. The people are only complaining about the one runt officer ego saw themed to be extra.

    Again the complaint is about the runt officer

    no one wants to admit the runt officer was overboard because they think that admission would fuel the racial aspect of this which it doesn't

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