Lorenz Reibling gives interview about real estate

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  • truthseeker100

    we have been wondering for a long time who the real movers and shakers are behind the Governing Body.

    I think OrphanCrow is showing us one of them.

    I agree Millie. I don't think the present governing body could organize a trip to the bathroom. I've been looking into this in a little more detail lately. One question I have for anyone out there is this. Have you ever met or sat beside or seen any voting member of the "Society"? All the average person knows about are the governing body!

  • nonjwspouse

    Orphan Crow. I still sometimes do occasional searching about the elusive cell saver machine patent ( that I read in a longer ago post of yours) , where it eventually went - to whom, and if/how connected to the WTBTS.

    That one stuck in my head as a big piece of the profit puzzle. Maybe if more people can get on the research bandwagon, somewhere, someone, will hear a bell ring, know where the research leads, and find the piece my gut says is there.

    You amaze me Birdie! Your posts intrigued me from first one I read.

    Oh, and please do not ever let computer problems get in your way. If ever you are in need of upgrades or anything else that affords you more time and ability to research, please set up a gofundme site and post it here. I am quite sure plenty of us here will be glad to contribute to your fascinating well researched studies!

  • OrphanCrow
    Crazyguy: Knorr pushed the blood doctrine in 1945 I'm wondering if there's away to see if her had any connections to these men from Germany?

    I have always wondered about Knorr's connections to Germany and who he would have known there.

    I just found this little quote from a website. I don't know how credible the source is, but it would explain why Knorr accompanied Rutherford on his trips to Germany, and who Knorr's "in" was in Germany.

    Nathan Homer Knorr in 1942 after Rutherford's death President of the WTG. Knorr had special connections to Germany. He was related to the family CH Knorr in Heilbronn. Even today, soups and seasonings Knorr a household name.


    That doesn't link Knorr to bloodless men, but if true, would explain his ease of passage to Germany leading up to and after the war.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Very interesting

  • EdenOne

    OphanCrow, this is fascinating stuff. I can't express how grateful I am for your research. Keep going!


  • Vidiot

    Something occurred to me the other day (and I posted it on another, semi-related thread)...


    ...if the WTS were to lose its "charitable" status, guys like Reibling wouldn't be able to get tax breaks on whatever (presumably huge) donations they make...

    ...which could, in turn, make the WT heirarchy very anxious about the Org's future solvency.

  • OrphanCrow
    vidiot: ...if the WTS were to lose its "charitable" status, guys like Reibling wouldn't be able to get tax breaks on whatever (presumably huge) donations they make...
    ...which could, in turn, make the WT heirarchy very anxious about the Org's future solvency.

    Excellent observation, Vidiot. Of course that would be a HUGE repercussion for the wealthy JWs who use the WTS for tax donations. If the WTS lost tax status, they would lose the benefit of their wealthy patrons.

    Oh well, the Reiblings will just set up another foundation or something...but it will come at a cost - they would lose their propaganda tool in their "risk management" toolbox.

    *you are welcome, EdenOne. Thank you for the encouragement. I feel overwhelmed at times - what I find is so nutty that I get embarrassed to post it at times - you know...all that "conspiracy theory" crap and stuff. Oh well, I will keep looking at tuna fish sandwiches and seeing if the sandwiches are black with white stripes down their back...

  • OrphanCrow
    What interests me about the WTS is the profits of the "side cults" that it has generated and promoted. One of them, that I have touched on earlier in this post, is the blood management industry. I am going to move a post I made on another forum to here:
    I have spent a considerable amount ot time looking at the blood management world and I continue to get lost in it periodically. I have posted about certain key figures who are JWs, most of them Watchtower trained men as Hospital Liaison fellows. What I haven't posted, though, is a comprehensive list of all the other Jehovah's Witnesses health professionals, administrators, promoters, etc., who are part of the blood management tree. I think why I have never done that is that there are so many and I have been busy exposing just a select few JWs that are in the blood management limelight.
    I am astounded by the number of Jehovah's Witnesses who work in the blood management industry. But, it is not surprising, considering that the entire blood management industry owes its rapid emergence onto the global playing field to a Jehovah's Witness coalition who founded the Society for the Advancement of Blood Management in 2001. The past 14 years has seen an explosion of like societies, all stemming from that first JW society - a blood society that was made up almost entirely of members of the Watchtower Society.
    I have tried to place the significance of that into some sort of comparison to illustrate why the Jehovah's Witnesses being in charge of global blood management is so, so, so wrong. It has taken me a while to wrap my head around the concept and the closest I can come is to try to imagine the Catholic Church's abortion stance being taken to another level.
    Before I do that, though, keep in mind the demographic difference - I am going to compare a very large religion to a tiny, fringe religion. The JWs are minuscule in comparison to the Catholic Church. That is why their over representation in the blood management world is so alarming - if there was just a few scattered here and there, fine...but, the reality is far from that.
    Imagine "Societies for the Advancement of Abortion Control" that are sponsored by the biotechnology companies that could remover fetuses and grow them to term. Imagine if those societies had been put in place by the Catholic Church and had got their start by convincing young Catholic girls to go through the procedure - telling them "It isn't really an abortion." Imagine entire countries changing their health care systems to the goals of those societies.
    What if the abortion "rules" of the Catholic Church changed as biotechnology changed - and then it was found out that bigwig Catholics were the ones who were tied to that biotechnology?
    Maybe someday I will have the time to compile a list to show the magnitude of the JW over representation in the blood management world, or better yet...someone can take it on for a project - it would take a lot of time.
    In the meantime, I will continue with revealing the roots of the bloodless industry and how it is intimately linked to the JWs and the Watchtower Society. The global medical market has been groomed very carefully by the WTS for many decades and just now, with the emergence of the blood management influence on entire countries, it is finally revealed how the blood transfusion ban impacts, not only the individual JW exercising their human right to die for God - but each and every person outside of those who agree to die so that the JWs in the blood management/bloodless industry can profit.

  • millie210

    Another well thought out and constructed post. Thank you OrphanCrow. When I read statements like the one below I know you are exactly right. The underlying principles are chilling.

    What if the abortion "rules" of the Catholic Church changed as biotechnology changed - and then it was found out that bigwig Catholics were the ones who were tied to that biotechnology?
    Maybe someday I will have the time to compile a list to show the magnitude of the JW over representation in the blood management world,

  • OrphanCrow

    You are welcome, Millie.

    I had pointed out the Global Taurus expansion in India, their real estate concerns, and how that links to the JW expansion in that country. Another industry that has seen recent expansion in India is the bloodless industry - the one that is propelled and promoted by the SABM - the other JW cult - the one that deals in restricting blood and profits from it.

    This is a recent article from India about how bloodless surgery is impacting the health care in India:

    Bloodless surgeries grow from niche to volume play

    By Vandana Kamath, Bangalore Mirror Bureau | Mar 19, 2014

    Many city doctors, however, are now providing alternative treatment to community members. In fact, more than 100 surgeons are performing surgeries without blood transfusion for community members with focus on promoting medical tourism in the city.
    Bangalore doctors have now become so adept at performing bloodless surgeries that they are getting Jehovah's Witnesses patients from other cities and countries. The city has several super speciality hospitals which perform bloodless surgeries, and there are even dedicated centres.

    Ironically, the article has this little note at the bottom:

    Jehovah's Witnesses is a sect with Christian background, but with beliefs distinct from mainstream Christianity. They believe that receiving blood from others is a violation of the Biblical commandment as God himself asked them to abstain from blood.

    I would like to change that to::

    Who is the blood management society that set the standards for the bloodless industry that your article speaks about?

    It is SABM. They have set the standards for global blood management.

    SABM is a society of Jehovah's Witnesses. The JWs themselves are the ones who profit financially from this new "bloodless" technology. The JWs that you speak about in your note are simply the ones who create a market for the profit of those who tell them what to do.

    For a fairly update discussion on the state of blood management in subcontinent India, this is a complete article:

    Surgical management in treatment of Jehovah's witness in trauma surgery in Indian subcontinent

    It is a lengthy article but has good information in it. It tells you how a JW is handled in trauma, and the alternative drugs and treatments that they are given.

    Here is something interesting. Who is medi-coin,com ? Apparently, if you have the foresight to pay attention to the JW growth in in India, and jump on the other WTS cult - the bloodless one - you can invest in the Indian bloodless market. *to add - their website says this "Golden Standard Health Care - Patient Driven - Saving Lives - Best Outcomes". Of course that is JW driven - who else drives and promotes that market?

    All sorts of opportunities for investing in that market.


    Or maybe...you could get into the travel business - you know, for that medical tourism trade to India.

    *to add - I am having a difficult time with reconciling the paradox of allowing a tiny little group of people with radical views about medicine, direct and control the world's blood supply. There is something inherently wrong with that. It isn't right. That would be like telling me that the abortion clinic I am going to is actually owned by the Pope. Or that the profits from the birth control industry is what pays for his fancy robes.

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