After 2 years my parents make contact. The end result is that I promise them to cryogenically preserve ONLY their heads

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  • paulmolark

    Thank you Village Idiot.

    I really didn't want to dredge this back up. But take a moment to read this letter and you will easily see why keeping this woman in my life is of no importance and a detriment.


    At this point I am not even to open this letter with a generic greeting because I do not know what to say to you. Dear or Love are not words that I can use to describe you any longer. I always knew as a young child something was different about you and your sister. You never demonstrated the love for our creator that ******** did. I recognized this early on, and tried my very best to do everything I could to inculcate in the two of you what our GRAND creator JEHOVAH required of us, but it was to no avail.

    I use to blame myself, but as the bible clearly states even Jehovah lost many children to arrogance and greed, therefore I was assured that it was not me, but you. In the same vain that Jehovah saw fit to cast Satan down – out of his heavenly home and out of his love I have resolved in my heart to do the same. I have begged Jehovah to remove the motherly love I have for you from my heart. This includes you, and your family. This is the only way you will learn that you need to come back into the protective fold that Jehovah offers by means of his organization. This is a lesson that you will need to learn the hard way.

    On Saturday, ******** (my daughter) called. She began to rattle off all of the things that are important to her. The movies she is making, the sports she is involved in etc etc etc. She seemed so happy until I reminded her that the course she is on is one that Jehovah haters and that if she keeps this up she will no longer be in the new system. I was hoping this would touch her little heart, instead she told me that what I was saying was not true and just a story from the bible and she didn't believe that. What have you done to this young child ******? In the same way that Jehovah destroyed the children of those apostate nations, he will do the same in the future. Where does that leave her. (Just so you know she actually told her grand-child this.)

    ***** will suffer that same fate. How can you as a loving parent cast your children to Satan's side and allow them to pass away with this old system. I thought your father and I raised you better. However, this is what pride will do to someone. Your pride is the reason that you have taken the attitude of Satan, if you keep on this path you will end up the same way. The Watchtower taught us that in the new system he will wipe away every memory of those we lose to this wicked world. It is a shame that this will happen to you and your entire family if you do not humble yourself.

    I am only writing you this because I feel obligated to warn you. Now that you have moved out to your little castle far away from everyone and everything you knew, you feel as if it can be your sanctuary. Instead it will be your coffin and others will have it after the great and fear-inspiring day of our GOD JEHOVAH. I hope these are things you have thought about.


  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    That is one horrible letter written by a WT indoctranated nut case female, who happened to give birth to you.

    I am so sorry paulmolark that you and your wife and children have had her evilness in your life.

    Thankfully your children have you as their Dad to truly love and care and protect them from viciousness like the woman who wrote that horrid letter.

    All the best to you and your family. If you can, enjoy the day and don't let her phone call upset you too much. She would like that. Don't give her that privledge.


  • _Morpheus
    Lol that freezing the head thing was hilarious.... I dont usually support that sort of thing but it really did make me laugh. I loved island mans sugguestions as a more practicle matter
  • JWdaughter
    Good thing you are out. Good thing your children are out. Too bad bout your mom. I wonder if that was some sort of drunk JW call to prove to all the other JWs that she has indeed cut you out of her life? If there were others around her, it seems as if there may have been some peer pressure/alcohol involved?
  • paulmolark

    My sister told me she went to the convention. That afterward she stopped there and pretty much told her the same crap. The only difference is that she said since she is only inactive she has a chance

    She has never had alcohol a day in her life exceeeeept at my wedding.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    She continues to rail against me about how she asked jehovah to remove me from her heart

    Palmolark: "What an odd request for a Mother to make before the Creator of the universe. Seems like most Mothers would ask that he help them win their children back through Christian kindness and love. I can't imagine what he must have thought of request like that or what he must think of you. Anyway, it doesn't seem like he's answered your prayer because here you are calling me out of the blue."

    and that he has replace me with many new "spiritual children" and that she knows that I miss her and my father.She says others have their affection and that if I want to return to jehovah she will be waiting...

    Palmolark: "These "spiritual children" that you speak of must all be out of town today or perhaps they've stopped answering their phones when you call and you've decided to bother me instead."

    until then she wanted to let me know that she would not speak to me or my family again unless we return like "obedient sheep" to jehovah.

    Palmolark: "So let me get this straight....I haven't heard from you in 2 years and you suddenly feel the need to inform me telephone no less....that you're not going to speak me anymore ? Am I the only one seeing the irony here ?
  • OnTheWayOut
    At least she can mark a "Return Visit" down for that one.
  • John Aquila
    John Aquila


    yes it is sad, but again when I saw what this cult was going to do to my kids that is when I made the steps to step-down and leave. I could not in good faith do this to my kids. SO if I can take those steps so can they, they are just scared and that is for them to deal with. The worst part about my female parental unit is that she made up all sorts of rumors about me. YES my own mother. She started telling people that I cheated on her. It was an attempt to get my wife angered with me and alienate me too. Disgusting

    That is beyond cult influence, she is sick, you are doing the right thing. You definitely don’t want your kids exposed to that type of behavior. It’s just not normal human behavior.

    I’m glad you have the wisdom and the strength to do what you need to do.

    If an ex-JW can pull this off and do a really good job of pretending not to remember them, surely that should cause the JWs to think of the great harm they have done to their child by following Watchtower's cruel shunning policy.

    Also, how could a JW shun his child when the child isn't aware of why he's being shunned or what sins he committed and needs to repent of? How could they expect someone to show genuine repentance for something they don't recall doing? How do they wrap their conscience around that?

    Island Man That is the best idea I’ve heard yet.

  • Spectre

    The idea of always showing honor to parents really shows a logical flaw in the bible. To suppose that all parents are worthy of honor could have only been written by an overbearing parent.

    Nice comeback. I'm sure it shocked all listening.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Absolutely brilliant!

    Love it!

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