Disfellowship, Disassociate, or fade. What would you do different.

by John Aquila 23 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Xanthippe

    Sometimes I have regretted having DA'd and wished we'd faded. Then when I came on this site and read about the overlapping generations doctrine, I thought how could my brother, sisters and their families have swallowed that nonsense for twenty years!

    What do I have in common with people that stupid? Would I want to be able to talk to them? What the heck would we talk about? Nothing that interests me that's for sure. Their brains must be mush.

    Sorry if this sounds harsh but the things I've read on here have staggered me. There's no way I would stay with the crap the GB have rolled out the last few years.

    Edited to say if you're young and growing up in this religion and have doubts I don't mean you're stupid. I'm talking about my family who have been in 50 - 60 years.

  • Crazyguy
    I almost DA'd but was scared out of it by people here and some I met personally that said if I did I would lose my family. But in hindsight if I had to do over again I should have gone through with it. being treated as if DF'd when only da'd would of served as great ammo for me also I could be more genuine when speaking to my children. Now I have to plant seeds and just say little things and be a nice so to speak and not raise to big of a red flag. As a DA'd person I could of just brought out the big guns.
  • cantleave
    I was DF'd in abstentia - I didn't want to play their silly JC games. Being DF's meant we no longer had to keep looking over our shoulders and gave us a clean break.........No Regrets
  • blondie
    "fading" worked for us. As good jws some of our jw family and friends avoided us already. No reason yet to be df'd and no need to da. I don't think of fading as a long term process. Inactive might be a better term.

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