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  • naazira

    This picture is in the new publication from this year's Convention, titled "Return to Jehovah". Part 1The Lost One I will Search For. Personally, the animal looks scared of the Shepherd. Could it be that it knows that the Shepherd is really a wolf. Also, look at how Jehovah has shaded the STRAYED animal from the hot sun, and even how there are plants around to eat. Does this not warm your hearts to know that Jehovah provides for strayed ones? :-D It is also noteworthy to mention that the animal never made an attempt to look for its way home. Also, the Shepherd never asked the animal if it wanted to return. What is your take on this image? Feel free to even share a creative story to accompany the photo.

    Here is the story the org has given to this image. "The sheep is bewildered. Somehow, while nibbling grass in the pasture, it got separated from the other sheep. Now, it can see neither the flock nor the shepherd. Darkness approaches. Lost in a valley where predators roam, the sheep is defenseless. Finally, it hears a familiar voice—that of the shepherd, who runs toward the sheep, picks it up, wraps it in the folds of his garment, and carries it home." (Return to Jehovah) Available on Jw dot org

  • watson

    Well, if anyone seeing this has had any doubts, I'm sure it will help them see their folly and move toward the loving hand of the "shepherd".

  • Finkelstein

    Yes return to Jehovah and bring some money.

    The rumors of are organization being a lying corrupt cult destined to coerce people into the Watchtower Publishing house are false, we are the only true representatives of God, all others are false, dont neglect for the doors of the ark are about to be closed and you'll want to be on the inside not the outside.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Sheep: Bahahaha.

    Shepherd: Come here little one, my wife is a good cook.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman
    The little lamb looks scared to me and the big man looks like a predator.
  • naazira
    I'm sure that this image will motivate all on this site, to return to Jehovah. By accepting the help from the shepherd, no not Jesus, but the brothers. We all may return to the fold which includes: depression, poverty, and tithes oh, I mean donations. I mean who wouldn't want to return to the fold!! It has so many provisions to offer!!
  • clarity

    This sheep is cornered! Looks pretty menacing to me! Look how the mans figure fills the space with no room to squeeze by!

    Go back ......follow him ....not a chance!

  • watson

    I'm in my mid 50's. I will be attending with my they near the end of their lives, they will be reviewing their 80 years....yes, 80 years looking for the end of all suffering.

    Misty eyes. (Yes, I will have misty eyes).

  • whathehadas

    Return to Jehovah Photo

    ..........................If You Come Willingly..

    ..................................I May Not..

    .....................TOSS YOU OFF THE CLIFF....................YOUR NUTS!!..PISS OFF!!..


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