California Supreme Court Case - S226656

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  • Gayle
  • sir82


    I can't tell who initiated the appeal - was it the WTS or Candace Conti?

  • Gayle
    Clicking on at "Docket" indication shows "Watchtower" - ??
  • Boeing Stratofortress
    Boeing Stratofortress

    Lock & load boys!

    It's on.

  • sir82

    Clicking on at "Docket" indication shows "Watchtower"

    That's nuts - they got most of the penalty overturned.You'd think they'd be quietly grateful and just pay out what little they owe.

    How do you spin the PR for "we're vindictively trying to completely screw over a child-rape victim because she had the audacity to expose our inadequate policies in court"?

    Hopefully this will turn around and bite them on the @$$.

  • Gayle

    The Court has 60 days to review to accept or not. The California Supreme Court accepts less than 5% of petitions.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    How much will the Org's final bill be for the "worldly" lawyers who were hired to defend this case?

    An awful lot of pledges & contributions down the sewer!

  • flipper
    Yeah, it's like WT Society legal team and leaders can't go quietly into the night and pay Conti the 1 or 2 million they owe her. What bastards. They just cannot accept defeat or being made to even appear as if they were negligent or in the wrong. It's a narcissistic and arrogant view of " we don't recognize the world's view or Caesar's courts judgments towards us " - so they are out to prove still that WT leaders are above the laws of the land. Truly disgusting. Whatever happened to Romans 13: 1,2 where God put the superior authorities in place to carry out justice ? And anybody fighting the superior authorities is found to be fighting against " God " himself ? Guess WT leaders forgot about THAT scripture. Oh I forgot- GB recognizes itself as " God " so I guess the scripture doesn't apply. Jesus Christ. Peace out, Mr. Flipper
  • Finkelstein

    Sometimes social morality is distant from court litigation, instigated by high priced lawyers who are working for rich companies or organizations.

  • DJS

    Why would they pay? They are Jesus' brothers, the hand-picked rulers of the world who are immortal. If I were them I wouldn't pay either. Jah or his son will sooner or later rescue them.

    Or not.

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