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  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD
    This is the new tool of the elders. Instead of saying read the Wt. so and so they now say did you watch the new GB TV show? All you questions will be answered. Same old crap just a new tool to use. Still Totally ADD
  • label licker
    label licker

    Tell him you can no longer afford to keeping up with the organization. What's left in your bank account is either you providing for your family or the org but you can't do both. This feeling of never being good enough for them or doing enough has now affected other areas of your life such as your family. You now don't seem you can do enough for them either. You have been forced to make a decision!

    Good luck.

  • stuckinarut2


    You Threw down the gauntlet with your reply to him.....I salute your bravery....But hold on for the rough ride ahead...keep your dignity and calmness.....you will need this when 3 elders come knocking.

  • Driving Force
    Driving Force


    I do not think they will come around, them coming round to visit will cause them and the congregation more harm than good and they know it. I am not propagating apostate thoughs to the congregation members, so if they do come around, I will start to do that and they know it. I think they will wait until the next CO visit and ask for instructions as they cannot think for themselves on this matter.

    Our society (I do not mean the bOrg) only functions as long as we agree to it, even criminals agree to the system otherwise prisons and punishments would not work, civil disobedience is a very difficult thing for any governmental organization to deal with. Likewise the bOrg has difficulty with all apostates, which I am proud to be one, as we do not play by their rules. They expect its members to be honest, and those who stray also to be honest. I have no problems using their tactics against them, such as, half truths, lies (something I do find difficult to do) and outright deception. If they do come round I guess I will have fantastic time with all the knowledge I have gained from all the great people on this site; and then I will post another request for suggestions.

    Driving Force

  • Vidiot

    steve2 - "I love it when the Witnesses, elders included, give you something to view or read because 'it explains it far better' than they ever could."

    Hey, at least it isn't the usual "I'll do some research and get back to you" cop-out.

  • punkofnice
    I'd leave it well alone and just get on fading. I wonder what non JWs would think if they saw the video of Lett begging for money?
  • Vidiot

    punkofnice - "...I wonder what non-JWs would think if they saw the video of Lett begging for money..."

    Most would probably just say, "What, they've only just started doing this now? What took 'em so long?"


    I told a coworker about the new webchannel when it debuted last year.

    Her response was, "Wow, they must be getting desperate".

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