What on earth have the JW org got to offer?

by Half banana 26 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • a watcher
    a watcher
    The JW org offers a way to establish and grow an eternal friendship with Jehovah.
  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    What on earth have the JW org got to offer? (Italics mine)

    Once, while engaged in " Field Circus" activities, I had an altercation with somebody of the " Born Again" persuasion who actually challenged me with that very question. His charge was - to quote him word for word - " All you people can offer is a ' Pie in the Sky' ". Forty one years have gone by since he and I had that conversation, yet I can still remember it like yesterday. Of course, I arced up about that very suggestion and concocted some (totally unconvincing!) story to counter what he just said.

    This person was quite correct, though. The JW religion does offer nothing to people but an elusive "Pie in the Sky" (which for 136 years has always going to be realised "soon"! )

    So, David Armstrong, wherever you are now, you were at least right about that point!


  • Finkelstein
  • punkofnice

    They offer all the answers......then the answers change under the banner of 'new light(tm)'.

    It's not what they offer in real terms though....they offer only illusion.

    What they want in return is your money!

  • RubaDub

    A roof over your head and 3 squares a day.

    Wait ... maybe that is prison.

    Rub a Dub

  • prologos

    wt-org offers paradise, everlasting life, that it can never deliver. if the delivery fails, like all the past promises, they can blame "god"; in the meantime the ponzi scheme cash flow works. ponzi scheme=empty promises.and that is on Earth, heaven is even more elusive/ invisible.

  • Lieu
    Er, a joyful existence as a monk at a book factory for young poorly educated men?
  • Vidiot

    westiebilly11 - "...build a huge jw life in the paradise theme park.....along the lines of disney etc ..."

    Flanders tried that on The Simpsons, once, already.


    Guess how that went?

  • Deltawave
    Well said half banana, I was that poorly educated, part time window cleaner! My mate and I feel like we have been cheated. We gave up proper educations at colledge and university, pioneered together straight from school (although I was home schooled) and the as soon as we had financial commitments... LIKE wives, homes, bills.... We had to stop pioneering. And had no qualifications or skills to fall back on. We were scamed big time. I am now at colledge as an adult filling in my educational gaps!
  • Half banana
    Half banana
    It was me too Deltawave, cheated of a proper education, a pioneer and window cleaner like you. I have also made up for it by adult university education which has been a most enjoyable experience. There is so much pleasure in learning realities as opposed to languishing in a mind-numbing cult...

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