What on earth have the JW org got to offer?

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  • John_Mann
    Sorry for my mistake. English it's not my first language. Sometimes I mix up different grammars... Always learning... Thanks!
  • smiddy

    i`m sure it has been brought up before , but what exactly do Jehovah`s Witnesses preach/ teach that sets them apart from Christendom`s Muslim or Jewish teachings ? Identifying that they have the true religion ? I see nothing .

    Every doctrine / belief they have is already a part of some other Religouos organization ,whether it is Christendom ,Jewish ,or Muslim

    JW`s love to bring up the trinity doctrine , however JW`s are not alone in rejecting the trinity doctrine , it was first rejected just a few centuries after Christ if not before.

    And it is still rejected by other sects of Christendom to this day.

    So if Jehovah God is Guiding JW`s today why are they no more informed than the rest of humanity that can be verified .


  • Half banana
    Half banana

    I see it this way; they have nothing to offer which can be realised neither do they have a unique evidence of divine attention as positives to attract the punter. To make matters worse they carry the negative baggage of 136 years of total Watchtower failure!

    It is absurd,they have no authority to lead or teach and no basis for authority. How do they get away with it?

  • millie210

    Its that feeling of instant belonging coupled with the feeling that God loves you extra because you alone are doing his will.

    Its all feelings. Vague, nebulous, seductive.

  • TheFadingAlbatros

    They have so much to offer : Both Brain Washing and Window Washing

  • TheFadingAlbatros

    They have so much to offer : Both Brain Washing and Window Washing................

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    @Fading Albatross, too true!

    @Mille, you are absolutely right. The JW org trades in feelings and most certainly not in logic or evidential fact.

    Nevertheless as you say the JW org does have something to offer: the company of like minded sheep-brained hopeless cases who cannot deal with the world as it actually is, who bond by sharing the distant lure of perfection and who equate obedience to the publishing company with getting brownie points from God.

    At the cost of stifling common sense and natural human ties, they entice with the hope of perfect life in paradise. They proffer the dream, but no organization or any God can supply the goods.

    For JWs, this flimsy hope eclipses and even destroys the pleasures of getting on with enjoying our lot of a short and bittersweet life on a beautiful planet.

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