Govening Body and JWN

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  • punkofnice
    One thing I would say we need to think about, is not give them any good ideas that will help them, where to go with Doctrine etc, they have always been plagiarisers, they have few original ideas, if any.

    Oh, I don't know, Phuzzy.

    Here are some good ideas:

    End shunning.

    Report paedophiles to the proper authorities.

    Drop all this nonsense about blood and blood fractions and just let medical professionals do as they see fit.

    Put duct tape over Lett's gob and a bag over Tight Pants Tony's head.


    There are definitely spies among us. Isn't that right, Fusion Theism?

    I have wondered if we should just stop criticizing the WTBTS, because they seem to use our suggestions. It's pretty amazing that we have so many true prophets here!

    I believe that the pattern goes like this:

    1) WTBTS prints ideas of men/dogma/speculation.

    2) The passage of time proves those ideas to be false.

    3) Intellectually honest ones are simultaneously debunking the dogma of the WTBTS, either with the Bible or common sense or both, and with the WTBTS's own literature.

    4) The WTBTS, operating under the delusion of being the one true religion, scrambles to justify it's actions. Since they appear incapable of honesty, the only option is propaganda, including Ad Hominem attacks against opposers, dissidents.

    Lurkers, really think about this, David Splane admitted that the GB "shelves" ideas. That means that someone, or some group has done EXACTLY what we do. They pour over all WTBTS material of the past and see EXACTLY what we see. They KNOW what we KNOW.

    Instead of being honest, they have chosen to act just like the false prophets in the book of Jeremiah. The WTBTS uses "false fronts", "false hope", they use a "false stylus." They have had multiple opportunities to come clean, but have chosen to revise and re-brand.

    It could be that the GB and their helpers are truly deluded and cannot imagine that they aren't the channel of GOD. The GB could just be brainwashed followers themselves, but there is a slight problem with that.

    A system like JWism should have collapsed under its own weight long ago, if it were merely a sect of Millerism/Adventism/Zionism, yet here it is. It should have died with CTR, WHY is it still here? Who benefits from it's continued existence?

    We know that Rutherford took over and turned the WTBTS into the business it was becoming, so it only makes sense that Rutherford's successors would do the same. So we have overlapping generations of people fighting to keep the WTBTS viable, why??

    Is it just delusional do-gooders who cannot bear the thought of disappointing their "brothers and sisters?" The "rank and file" lable applied to lowly sheep, the DF'ing policy, blood transfusion ban/subsequent deaths, pedophile cover-ups, UN/OSCE lack of financial transparency, blatant revisionist tactics and the use of the B.I.T.E model, all point to a different motive.

    For me there are only a few unanswered questions, like: Are the GB being handled by those who have this site monitored? Jeehoober may not be the only sock-puppet.


  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    I sometimes wonder about this too... About 3-4 years ago I posted here and elsewhere that a large part of my awakening happened when I re-looked at the book, My Book of Bible Stories, which I was going to give to our little grandchildren... The pictures were suddenly so shocking and awful to me, imagining seeing them thru their little eyes.

    and then a year later or so, out comes Caleb & Sophia....

    Geez. I'm hoping it was just a coincidence. But they still have stupid pictures in the WT and books, so who really knows...!

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Reminds me of a joke i heard when I was a kid 50 years ago.

    A lady with a big rubbery mouth that flaps in exaggeration every time every time she speaks kinda like rubber faced Lett on the GB. Well anyway she goes to the doctor and asks him a real dumb question with her lips flapping wide all over the place she asks:"Doctor how can you tell the size of a lady's vagina before you actually see it? He says: "by the size of her mouth" and she says with puckered lips tighter then an anal orifice: "You don't say"

    So the moral of my story is if you see Stevey Lett with his lips all puckered and speaking normal there is a good chance he's read some comments here on JWD>

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