Is it possible that you were raised in a false religion?

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  • Vanderhoven7


    "Humans are fallible not God"

    Why then do you follow men who put lying words in God's mouth of a secure and peaceful world in the lifetime of those who witnessed the events of 1914?

    "So the only one I follow is him and his word"

    Unfortunately Simon, that is simply hogwash. Your entire religion is founded on the word (mythology) of men whose claim to authority rests on self-assertion. You know, Jesus chose certain men in Brooklyn NY in April of 1919 because their hearts were so much more right and pure in comparison with all the other men in the world.

    How do you know what their heart condition was? Do you even know who these men were? Were they more honest/righteous than all other men including those who attest to having seen the gold plates in 1827 in Upper State NY?

    Let me prove to you that your faith is in men and their word and not God and His word.

    Can certain men in NY change your thinking about what the Bible teaches?

    Can the Bible ever change your thinking contrary to what these men in NY say?

    If I told you that my faith is only in God and the Bible, but then tell you that I will only believe what a wonderful Bible scholar says the Bible teaches... what and who is my faith ultimately in?


  • SimonSays

    Thus suggesting I have uniformity with religion. My theological consensus comes from understanding scripture. The value you place on man then becomes irrelevant. The suggestion of intermingling man with God is just disingenuous. Perhaps separating your thoughts would clarify the underline parable given by Jesus through Peter in 1 Peter 2:16. Thus coming in line with what is mentioned in 1 Peter 3:16-17. The inference is conduct.

    The headship then becomes complacent nothing more. So once again I disagree with your assessment. Salvation comes within. The messengers such as the GB or the POPE have no mystical powers to save your soul other than spiritually feeding their flocks, thus shifting the responsibility to us.

  • snare&racket

    Our responsibility?!


    I think the god of the bible is a cruel abomination, thankfully there is no evidence of his existence, if there were however, I would give up my life fighting against such an evil abhorrence.

  • snare&racket
    Now back to the thread,,,,, hijack someone else's or start one on the topic you are shallowly defending so we can debate it.
  • SimonSays
    I understand, moving on!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • millie210

    snare&racket2 days agoDo you believe in Islam? There are 1.6 billion Muslims. Do you accept the pope as gods representative on earth? There are 1.2 billion Catholics. Do you accept the Hindu belief system? There are 1 billion Hindus.
    By now you have to accept that these mutually exclusive beliefs with many followers prove that it is possible to be a human and hold a belief that is wrong. They can't all be right. All of these people believe they are as right as you do or once did. Some would, and have died for their beliefs. As you read this some are fighting and dying in their gods name.
    Now ask yourself if it is possible for all these billions of people to be wrong, can 7 million JW's?
    Can you be wrong?
    What exactly have the Jw's got RIGHT. Now think of all the things they have got wrong....
    Is is it POSSIBLE....... You were raised in a false religion? How could it not be.

    Thought provoking original post Snare.

    One thing I have always wondered about (even as a kid raised as a JW) was why most people are the religion of their fathers.

    It would seem something that important would warrant a searching out?

    Most people just seem to accept what is local or cultural to their family or area.

  • Vanderhoven7

    <<My theological consensus comes from understanding scripture. The value you place on man then becomes irrelevant.>>

    Excuse me. I thought you were one of those whose salvation depended on how you treated certain men at Brooklyn Headquarters. My mistake.

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