Is it possible that you were raised in a false religion?

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  • snare&racket

    Do you believe in Islam? There are 1.6 billion Muslims. Do you accept the pope as gods representative on earth? There are 1.2 billion Catholics. Do you accept the Hindu belief system? There are 1 billion Hindus.

    By now you have to accept that these mutually exclusive beliefs with many followers prove that it is possible to be a human and hold a belief that is wrong. They can't all be right. All of these people believe they are as right as you do or once did. Some would, and have died for their beliefs. As you read this some are fighting and dying in their gods name.

    Now ask yourself if it is possible for all these billions of people to be wrong, can 7 million JW's?

    Can you be wrong?

    What exactly have the Jw's got RIGHT. Now think of all the things they have got wrong....

    Is is it POSSIBLE....... You were raised in a false religion? How could it not be.

  • SimonSays
  • konceptual99

    There really is no need to insert jpgs when there is a perfectly good text editor on the page.

    Anyway, the point of the OP is not about the legal and secular framework related to a religious belief. It's all about the likelihood that 8 million people are following the only "TRUTH" when billions of others are considered by those same people to be wrong.

    Add to this the fact the the "TRUTH" changes and what had to be accepted as 100% true last week now is wrong and replaced by the opposite view, which is now the 100% truth.

  • opusdei1972
    There is no true religion. Religions are based on speculations.
  • SimonSays
  • Vanderhoven7

    The honest answer is..."Yes it is possible I have put my trust in an extra-biblical man-made religion."

    As a recent thread brought out:

    Did Jehovah promise us that the 1914 generation would not die or was that from men?

    Did Jehovah say we should disfellowship a young woman for smoking or was that from men?

    Did Jehovah say we should not do community service or was that from men?

    Did Jehovah teach us to get ready for 1975 or was that from men?

    Did Jehovah teach that we should engage in studying with new ones for six months and then move on if there is not enough quick progress or was that from men?

    The truth is that EVERY DOCTRINE that is unique to Jehovah's Witnesses is entirely of men.

  • Magnum

    SimonSays: To represent people's thoughts like you people have with the WTS publishing without really reading it through but take snippets to distort what the literature actually is intending? I can understand the anger, bitterness, and hate ex-witnesses have toward an organization that kicked them out for whatever biblical infraction they did.

    You're another weak one who employs ad hominem arguments and speaks in generalities. Please provide at least one example of a "snippet" that we took that distorts what the literature "actually is intending". If some have been guilty of that at times, then such instances are by far in the minority. Folks on this site know far more about what JWdom actually teaches than do most JWs and those teachings are usually accurately represented here.

    There is a great irony in your saying that we take 'snippets' that distort what the literature is actually saying. Do you realize how guilty the org is of 'taking snippets' of what others say and twisting the meaning in its publications? Consider the Creation book and the Trinity brochure and recent examples of misquoting scientists.

    I was a devout JW for 30 years. I analyzed virtually every word that the org printed. I didn't go by snippets. I found, based on all the org's writings, actions, etc. that it is deceptive, crooked, calculating, etc.

    I am not kicked out. I had many heavy responsibilities and was looked up to in a large geographical area when I left the org. I was in a position to easily climb the JW ladder. I left and I condemn the org because, after much thought and prayer and examining mountains of clear evidence, I found it to be deceptive, I found its teachings to be indefensible, I found its history to be embarrassing and sometimes even corrupt, I found it to be guilty of over a century of false predictions (De 18:21,22), I found it to be commercial and overly concerned with money, etc. I now realize that the org does things to suit its own purposes. It is now rebranding to suit its purposes - to be more appealing and to retain members.

    Your arguments are invalid.

  • Lemonp
  • goingthruthemotions

    JW's are a cult, all religions are controlling. the only truth is JESUS.

    if you were stranded on a deserted island alone, still believed in jesus, but practiced no orginized religion....would you still not be saved?

    Jesus says: i am the truth, the way, the get to my father except thorough me.

    more importantly, be true to yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!! love yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dubs lack this ability....because the BORG sucks it out of them and makes them feel guilty for loving themselves.

    I teach my kids everyday to put themselves first and love themselves and ignore anything they hear from the BORG. becauese its a cult.!!!!!!


  • SimonSays

    I would simply say, I’m not attacking anyone’s character but simply stating the obvious. Since you have the influence to ban people from this forum, I will simply say, I disagree with your assessment.

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