New Watchtower-- the End is coming in our lifetime again now??

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  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD
    They are right the end will come in our life time. Just think where will all of us be 100 years from now? So see the end will come in our life time. Still Totally ADD
  • cantleave
    I was never meant to start school / leave school / get married / have children / reach middle age .........before the new system. Just old age, grand children and death to look forward to before Jokehoover strikes!!!
  • Magwitch

    FT: "So even if we feel that we have been waiting a long time, this does not mean that the end is far away or that it is not coming in our lifetime."

    Yep, I'm confident that they have it right this time for sure.

  • freemindfade

    People like my poor mom will read this exactly this way...and these ass-clowns know it!

    "The end IS coming you YOUR (mom) lifetime, guaranteed!"

    When really it doesn't say this at all, doesn't say who's lifetime (sort of like their financial report from the may broadcast, lacking factual details), and it uses written gymnastics to say it without really saying it, just in case. But they know how it's interpreted.

  • sir82

    So even if we feel that we have been waiting a long time

    Notice the subtle suggestion..."even if you feel...."

    See? It's all in your head! You only feel you've been waiting a long time! 30 years? 50 years? 70 years? it only feels long!

    I.e., YOU and YOUR FEELINGS are the real problems.

    Sometimes I think to myself, "maybe these guys really aren't as bad as this site paints them." Then I read $#!+ like this and realize, once again, how utterly diabolical and manipulative they are.

  • blondie
    Matthew 24:44New International Version (NIV)

    44 So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him.

    I always thought that this meant if you thought he was coming in your lifetime, not.

  • Tenacious


    The WTS has been using the "death at Armageddon" card since its inception.

    Think about it. What's more important to a human being than preserving their own life?

    Sprinkle some biblical truths on top of that and you have blind acceptance to do with the person as you wish.

    Not too long ago I overheard an elder tell a teen in our hall that he wouldn't see high school. The teen made the mistake of telling the elder he wanted to be an engineer. The first chance I got I pulled that kid aside and told him that no one knows when the end will come and that choosing to attend a university is his and his decision alone. The kid agreed and later on I heard his parents did too.

  • OneFingerSalute

    Wait a minute, it says in our lifetime? WTH? The circus oversneer just said last Tuesday, "We are in the last days. Soon we will find ourselves in the last day of the last days."

    So what happened to being in the last minute? Geez, this gets more goofy every day!

  • Finkelstein

    Let be clealy understood that the WTS has a core direct agenda and that is alluring people to the organization via its published litaterture, not so surpassing logically being that it is a religious publishing house.

    Believe in what they say or teach in their endeavors and they will welcome you into organization (conditional love), they will acknowledge you as their brother or sister subjective to your obedience and subservience to the power structure held by men in position to do so.

    Is it also surprising that the WTS leaders are very selective to what information they propagate, curtailing only self supporting information as they are God's own select organization.?

    This is very critical to their sustaining and continuing support from a human psychological perspective but also from a financial concern as well.

  • BluesBrother

    Talking at the K/Hall (to an elders wife) she said she liked to use the simplified Wt..... I tried to tactfully say that the exact meaning of the paragraph may be lost in simplification . See this one :


    " Jesus said: “Keep on the watch.” So even if we feel that we have been waiting a long time, this does not mean that the end is far away or that it is not coming in our lifetime."

    Normal Study edition:

    "He said: “Keep on the watch.” So a long wait would not justify mentally postponing the end or totally dismissing their expectations."

    It is a blunt instrument for the "simple" .. I have to be careful how I say things though

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