New Watchtower-- the End is coming in our lifetime again now??

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    "So even if we feel that we have been waiting a long time, this does not mean that the end is far away or that it is not coming in our lifetime.".....Watchtower

    .......................Dead Watchtower Presidents that Preached the Same Crap..


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  • Oubliette

    FT: "So even if we feel that we have been waiting a long time, this does not mean that the end is far away or that it is not coming in our lifetime."

    It also doesn't mean it IS.

    Actually, it doesn't mean jack shit.

    They've been saying this crap for well over 100 years and have taken advantage of millions of gullible people.

    Wake up! You're defending a fucking doomsday cult!

  • freemindfade
    Same crap they elude to that, but in the fine print they day it just right so as not to be held to it too technically. this way they people hoping so desperately feel the watchtower just stated it is coming soon. While we read different. They didn't day it's coming they said it doesn't mean that it's not. Mind f#&$ers
  • kairos

    Anybody remember all the hub-bub about the stone ( not cut by human hands ) that was getting closer and closer to the dream image in the publications? Then *finally* it is hitting the feet!!

    The tribulation is upon us!!

    So last decade...

  • prologos
    Millions now living will never die!" (circa 1925) circa 1919.even
  • galaxie
    The hierarchy tickling the ears and minds of the gullible... Every time i read or hear of someone wakening from these hypocritical charlatans I count it as nearer the ' end ' of this watchtower racket ...roll on !!!
  • Zoos
    We won't be able to dangle this Watchtower tidbit in their face for another 80 years or so and say, "What about this lifetime?" By then the current JWs won't be even slightly interested in what was printed so long ago, waving it away as old light, narrowly focused on all the new spiritual gems they just downloaded on their 3D tablets from Watchtower International Salvation Corp., so they can Instagram this good news of the kingdom in all the digital world.
  • punkofnice

    They're not saying anything though. All they're doing here, is dangling the carrot and waggling it about. They're doing this without committing themselves.

    Words like 'might' are the weasels here.

    It's like saying; Wear a hard hat in case a flying banana hits you....coz it might!

  • steve2

    In the collectively brain-dead congregations, perhaps one small voice, somewhere, somehow will muster the courage to ask out loud during the Watchtower study, "Whose lifetime is 'our lifetime' refering to?"


  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    If a doctor told you, "Just because you've lived for years without suffering a heart attack, doesn't mean that it's not going to happen to you!" - you'd expect an explanation from him as to why he was inferring that you would suffer a heart attack sometime soon!

    Their weasel words and absence of proof or explanations, continue to prove that this shower of charlatans & false prophets are rapidly decomposing in their own gangrenous teachings.

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