need clarification: i told my wife the type and anti-type abolishment made the FDS a parable and not factual. boy did this piss her off

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  • goingthruthemotions

    let's just say i sometimes don't know how to keep my trap shut. i really need to learn to keep well enough alone when she attacks me.

    keep in mind i never start the fights about the BORG. But today was a doozy....she started going off on me about spiritually shit and stuff and about the meeting. i tried to ignore her a bit, but things just got worse.

    i told her the below in no particular order;

    1. if were living in the end times, why is the org still building and asking for money?

    2. why is the anointed number keep going up?

    3. i told her the abolishment of the type and anti-type made the FDS a parable and not actual. she than asked who is the FDS...i told her that we are all the FDS. this pissed her off

    4. i asked her why don't we hear news about all the pedophile cases.

    our boys saw us arguing and they know that the only reason we ever argue is because of this cult.

    i truely hate it.....and hate how blind and nieve (spelled wrong) she is

    please pray for our family to jesus...we need his guidance.


  • LostGeneration

    Sounds like you want a divorce.

    I wouldn't count on Jesus doing much, at least that's what I was trying initially when I woke up. I guess he was out to lunch that year.

  • goingthruthemotions
    no i don't want a divorce. i love her with all my heart. my family is the most important thing to me on the face of this planet.

    3. i told her the abolishment of the type and anti-type made the FDS a parable and not actual. she than asked who is the FDS...i told her that we are all the FDS. this pissed her off

    The FDS didn`t "JUST" become a Parable it`s Always Been a Parable..

    A Fictional Story..

  • FusionTheism

    I would recommend just agreeing to disagree. Talk about any other subjects, but don't bring up religion unless absolutely necessary.

    Either that or get a divorce.

  • OneEyedJoe

    Yeah it sucks, man. I know how it feels. The other day, not 10 minutes after my wife defended the cult and said it wasn't a false prophet, we were talking about how the WTS says not to read anything that's not from them and I asked her "would you go to a restaurant if the owner invited you, but cautioned you not to read any negative reviews because they're all written by liars. Her response was something about all the warnings in the Bible to be on the watch for false prophets. When she said that, I had an uncontrollable burst of laughter which definitely didn't elevate the level of discourse.

    I have to remind myself how blind I once was. I was never as indoctrinated as she was, but I, in the past, have made some of the arguments she makes with me. That's also, I think, part of why it's so frustrating. Sometimes it feels like I'm arguing with my past self, and it's difficult not to get angry at that person because I'm so angry that I didn't see through the lies sooner. It's really difficult to keep from taking it out on her, but being aware of the source of much of that anger helps me to keep it under control. Venting here and to a friend or two helps too.

    Keep trying and it will get better one way or another. I don't pray to Jesus much these days, but I'm sending lots of good vibes your way for whatever that's worth. So many have been right where you (we) are and beaten the cult, so it is possible and there is reason to remain hopeful.

  • joe134cd

    I think your missing the most important part.

    "Hell hath no fury than the scorn of a women".

  • FusionTheism

    Think about it this way too:

    If she were attacking your parents or your children or something else you deeply loved: favorite book, favorite actor, favorite super hero, and just completely tearing it apart...

    Would you be happy with her?

    That's how it FEELS to her when you attack the Society and their teachings.

  • goingthruthemotions

    i hear you fusion....and more often than not. i just ignore the religious stuff. we have a great marraige 97% of the time. we only argue about the BORG. i never do the attacking......but she know how i feel.

    she just seems to want to make a point, or hoping she will change my mind. i am not sure.

    Arguing is a waste of time.....i have better things to do with my life.

  • LostGeneration

    If you don't want a divorce, stop discussing doctrine with your JW immediately.

    Stop now.

    I've read a few of your threads, probably not all of them, but enough to get a feel for your wife. You are not dealing with a rational person. You will never, ever win an "argument" over doctrine with a JW.

    Stop now. You have to either find another way, or accept life with your JW as it is.

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