Brave high school student exposes abuse and corruption within Jehovahs witnesses

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  • KiddingMe

    She is very courageous and brave. I was in tears listening.

    Teenagers can be cruel. I'm glad they had the chance to hear what many JW youths go through.

    This week at the meeting they played a video of Sophia and it focussed on her being teased some for her religious beliefs and encouraged her to muster up boldness and bravery to witness to her classmates.

    Hopefully this will help deter students from accepting a witness or bible study from a JW classmate but at the same help them to understand what their JW peer may be going through.

    I hate that they pressure JW children to witness to others in school, as if it's not hard and awkward enough for them. School is for learning not witnessing.

  • username
    I don't think this should be given to John Cedars. Rather this merits an interview with Erik-aka jwstruggle. I personally would love to hear her interview and Erik actually gives the interviewee free reign.
  • smiddy

    I could not find fault with anything this young girl said ? as far as Jehovah Witness teachings were concerned so why would I question what else she said in this video ?

    I take my hat off for what this young girl did in a class of her peers .

    Well done young girl., It was a brave presentation .


  • jhine

    Finally got to listen to it , and yes I had tears in my eyes too . It is just such an awful exposure on so many levels .

    A very brave young lady .

    Blondie I agree that most "worldly people " do not understand what the WT is REALLY about . Let's hope that this heroic stance can open eyes .


  • jhine

    Oh and Wasanelder Once I thought that she stated that she did know at least one of the women personally .


  • NVR2L8

    I also understood she interviewed the 3 women and used a different name to keep their identity secret. I just can't stop thinking about this little girl since I watched and I have to work really to resist showing it to my fully indoctrinated JW family, who I am sure would turn away and block their ears at the first negative comment about the organisation.

  • rebelfighter
    I am very proud of this young lady. She is a fantastic speaker, all points cover ed very well. I think your suggestions of this video being shared on Cedar's & JWSTRUGGLES sites are great but I think you seriously need to get this video and the ice cream, baptism and that Noah videos all on a program like 20/20. Just a Worldly person's view. Oh, and the one preaching to my grandkids at school - that one too. Someone should be made aware of the emotional, physical and sexual abuse in this organization.
  • gda
    I just sent this to everyone I know.
  • nonjwspouse
    How does someone get something like this, an the rest rebelfighter listed, to Oprah?

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