How much sediment would have been moved in Noah's flood?

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  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    We typically expect a rainfall of only six inches per hour from a category Five

    hurricane, to flood the earth in 40 days would require a rain fall six inches per

    minute. If it came from below what about the noxious gases, such as sulfuric

    acid, that would make their way into the atmosphere and cause the earth to

    become uninhabitable.The heat generated by the impact of the rain drops on

    the flood surface would have been more than sufficient to boil the water and

    prevent it from rising.

  • stuckinarut2
    Actually the crater was made by the astroid that helped to transport the kangaroos from Australia to the Middle East in order for them to get onto the Ark
  • prologos

    endofmysteries: --" Jerusalem is 1371 feet BELOW sea level." not.

    Zoos good point. That crater is quite crisp, standing on the rim, it is inconceivable that water passed over it, or deposited sediment. watch a sandcastle on the beach dissolve in a rising tide. This crater in the arid semi desert on the ground appears as new as if it if happened an overlapping generation ago. They never found the impact body bsw.

  • SimonSays
    That's funny!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Half banana
    Half banana

    This is a fact: there was no global flood in the last ten thousand years. The basis for this statement is because there is no evidence for a global flood, none whatever. There is evidence for climate change which as I said earlier gave rise to flood myths but the story of Noah is a fable.

    There is extremely good evidence that there was NOT a global flood.The last ten thousand years of geological studies during this Holocene period is very well known by earth scientists and has so much data that we can be completely confident that there was no Biblical flood. As Kaik mentions there are no breaks in the also well recorded archaeological data. The Egyptian records run continuously through the period the Bible reports there was a global flood. How much more evidence does a person need? If you believe in the Biblical flood you are a naive and superstitious person.

    As ex-JWs we must get used to the fact that the Bible is a book of folk myth, it is not inspired, it is not the word of any god.

  • Zoos
    The bible version of the tale of a global flood comes complete with a date - it was only 4,400 years not 6,000 as the OP postulated.

    You're right. I goofed.

  • Zoos
    Check out the Epic of Gilgamesh sometime. Babylon's side of the story for the great flood and many similarities and intersections with the Hebrew side.

    I now have the Epic of Gilgamesh pdf.


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