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  • Terry

    Great stuff--keep them coming.


    1. The Organization (replaces The Society) and was called 'Mother.' Also, Branch.

    2. District Conventions are now called "Regional Conventions."

    3. This Old System of Things is now "this Wicked System of things."

    4. Jonadabs became "Other Sheep."

    5. New System, New Order, New World Order

    6. Servants are now Elders (Circuit Servant=Circuit Elder) or is it traveling Elder?

    7. Book study night--I think--became Bible study night, but is now extinct. Is this correct?

    8. Worldly person, Egyptian, goat, DP (disinterested person)

    9. Evil Slaves=Apostates


    Are these correct so far or do we need to make, uh hem, "adjustments"?

  • wannaexit

    family study is now family worship

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    JESUS - it's now G.B./FDS

  • Terry


    When I was in Federal Correctional Institution in Seagoville during the Vietnam era because of the

    ORGANIZATION's nit-wit interpretation of "neutrality" all the 40 or so brothers who were inmates

    conducted 8 meetings a week.

    Once each month, a Brother Bourgeosie, who was the big shot elder from the Dallas congregation visited us

    in the capacity of a Circuit Servant or Traveling Elder might.

    Inmates in prison didn't like calling the Brothers JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES, so they shortened it to J. W.

    Guess what--we started referring to each other that way, too. After all, it was easier.


    Brother Bourgeosie heard this and prepared a special talk he presented in which he read us the riot act.

    Here is the gist of it.

    "Superstitious Jews refused to honor the holy name of Jehovah by shortening it to a mere 4 letters! You

    are supposed to be JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES and undo the damage! Instead, you have obscured the

    majesty and significance of God's holy name by reducing it to JUST ONE LETTER: J!


    We were embarrassed, contrite, penitent, red-faced. . .



    Oh how I would LOVE to run into Brother Bourgeosie today!

    I'd ask him how he feels about the ORGANIZATION'S BLASPHEMY for reducing down to

  • Greener

    The Faithful and Discreet Slave Class

    Sermon for the Sunday Public Talk

    Vacation Pioneer now auxiliary pioneer

    I haven't seen the term Anointed Remnant much lately.

    The Separating Work..sheep and goats

    Vindication of Jehovahs name now Sancification


  • Oubliette

    Company Servant ---> Presiding Overseer ---> Coordinator of the Body of Elders

  • Terry


    The changes in parlance are deliberate, I hypothesize.

    Why change terminology all the time?

    Here is my take on it:

    Within the short space of a conversation with a JW, a current JW can tell if you USE TO BE a JW.


    Your terminology is dated!

    Telltale stale references peg you right off!



    When I lived in Los Angeles, one of my closest friends was a Scientologists. That's all he talked about, non-stop, gibber-jabber.

    Inadvertently, I was absorbing the lingo! After a year of this, I could "speak Scientology!"

    I was an art consultant at the time and I dealt with movie studios, and personnel.

    One of my clients was photographer who's celebrity photos were "hot" at the time.

    His portraiture was on just about every magazine you picked up!

    I could spot his photographs and identify them quickly because I had an eye for his technique.

    Well, one day I ran into him at a movie theater. We chatted a bit and he said something which contained

    the following sentence.

    "I'm so busy right now I'm wearing more hats than I can keep up with."

    I stared for a second and suddenly blurted, "DICK, YOU ARE A SCIENTOLGIST!"

    (His name was Dick Zimmerman.)

    He was flustered at my non-sequitur! He babbled and deflected. You see, he didn't want anybody to know!

    I could tell he didn't want to deny outright, but he didn't want to ask how I knew.

    I smiled and explained myself.

    "Scientologists refer to the different categories of work they do as being 'hatted' as in wearing one hat for this

    and another hat for that. What you said was a dead giveaway!"

    He grinned and closed his eyes. "Ahhhh." That's all he said.


    You see, JW's can do the same thing just from the small conversations they overhear.

    A couple of months back I was accidentally overhearing a conversation between two young men.

    I heard the term "torture-stake" and the cat was out of the back straightaway!"


    (edited to add:)

    I was curious whatever happened to Zimmerman. I just did an Internet search.

    Dick is referred to this way:

    "Dick Zimmerman has been referred to by the media as an
    artistic genius. Known as "The Image Maker," he is considered to be the most accomplished portrait artist of the 20th century. Zimmerman is sought after by the world's most celebrated entertainers, dignitaries . . ."

    This is the work of his publicist, by the way!

  • looter

    Wait on Jahova?

  • littlerockguy

    "Incidental" or "informal" witnessing. I don't know what they call it now.

  • Apognophos

    I would have thought that 'wearing many hats' wouldn't give anything away because lots of people say that. I did notice that Zimmerman used the word "suppression" a few times in that video. Did you intentionally post that video without comment to let us discover that, Terry? :-)

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