and Moses came down the mountain on his....DUCATI

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  • snare&racket

    Worst day in the last ten years, was the day I hit £0.00 with one and a half years of university to go. Nobody to turn to, nobody to ask for help. Nothing and nobody. I was 32 and as an ex Jw had two family members in contact with me.

    I had rent. Bills, life and uni to pay for. 7 years of higher ed was at stake and the university told me they could not help me.

    i had one last possession left, a motorbike. I needed it to get about, to get to the various hospitals for placements. No way I could afford a car. Beyond all this however, I LOVED my motorbike. It was my freedom, my way to let off steam. I had got to the point where I couldn't afford to ride it for pleasure, but it was my link to a real adult life in the all enveloping world of university and exams...

    By 11am the next day, there was no choice, the bike was sold for 3/4 it's worth and I walked back from the dealer so melancholic. I now had nothing to my name but cash, but nowhere near enough and still everything at risk, final exams just weeks away and another year of unpaid training to go.

    I promised myself I would buy a bike if I made it through everything.....

    I pick it up on Saturday :D

  • KateWild
    Post a pic of your new bike snare......would love to see it xx
  • cofty
    Get in!
  • disposable hero of hypocrisy
    disposable hero of hypocrisy

    Words fail me.

    Good work!

    May you have hot sticky tarmac wherever you may travel.

  • snare&racket
  • snare&racket

    Ducati 821 V-Twin 8valve dohc 112bhp

    Top speed: 140mph. 0-60 in 3.6secs

    ABS brakes, fly by wire throttle.

    Red..... with a stripe ;)

    p.s. How are all you lovely people getting on? X

  • LostGeneration
  • KateWild
    Ahhh Snare it's great so happy for you. You can try it out when we have our North West meet up lol xx
  • breakfast of champions
  • snare&racket

    Just read this.....2yrs ago...

    "I have just finished the most difficult year of my academic life by far, since August I have had 4 days off. The exams were from hell, I ran out of money with 2 months to go, 2 months rent to pay and 2 huge exams to go. With few friends and family around, it made for a scary situation. But I did it.... Today I got the 'pass'.... 6 years done, one to go.... I am it I'm the final year of doctor training. For all the kind words and encouragement from people here, thank you xxxx"

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