How many years will pass before the world recognizes we were right?

by John Aquila 24 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • steve2

    One by one, across several centuries, end-times religious groups have depleted their limited supply of zeal and petered out...and the "world" couldn't give a flying fig.

    Religious end-times nutters may baulk at silly precious little differences between them, but to onlookers, these end-times groups look like they belong to a great big glob of sameness labeled idiots.

    16th Century Anabaptists exploded on the European scene, declaring Divine retribution was at hand...worrying themselves to distraction with crazed imaginings fed by feverish interpretations of Revelation but fizzled when their mad predictions failed and old father Time kept grinding on.

    The dogged Millerites clung to 1843 the way sh*t clings to a metal latrene...and morphed into healthy- eating Adventists, talking about the "Signs of the Times" the way Grandma talks about her crochet. Bor-ing.

    Christadelphians trekked the length and breadth of the USA and were often tarred and feathered for their trouble..and today, their dusty halls are people by stubborn old farts who wouldn't know a prophecy from an analogy.

    And the Worldwide Church of God, a creation of H Armstrong's love affair with his plagiarized articles featured in "The Plain Truth", spluttered into inactivity when Armsttong died an old rich man. But lo and behold! A still living nutter breathed new life into the Church, and proved two things: Potatoes do boil twice and "The Plain Truth" is anything but "Plain".

    There are many, many more religious end-times huddlers, all sharing in common a mixture of madness, wasted conviction and self-aforation in equal measure. Mad dogs breed better the madder they are. Little wonder end-times religions flourish in intellectual sh*tholes.

    Will the world one day realize we were right? Hardly. The only two words the world would ever say to us as former adherents of the Watchtower betwween their bored looks,when we say we've left the organization is, 'Bout time". Next.

  • username

    I believe it is already in motion. You only have to read between the lines regarding the talks to see the watchtower are preparing for their own get out clause.

    Something that struck me is the current watchtower on the great tribulation. The governing body will suddenly dissapear. Yeah, through the back door and whisked away to spend the rest of their lives in luxery - top secret of course! Its happening now!

  • Vidiot

    @ username...

    As for as I'm concerned. that scenario can't happen soon enough (particularly if some enterprising investigative journalist manages to track down some or all of them to wherever they've squirreled themselves off to).

    It'll make it that much easier for soft-core JWs and fence-sitters to finally justify leaving.

    EDIT: Martin Shilmer nailed it on the first page of this thread.

  • sir82

    As others have said, don't hold your breath.

    Overall, in the big picture, JWs are about as significant as one grain of sand in the Sahara desert.

    Ex-JWs? Outside of their own small community, even less so.

    To put it another way: How much is your life impacted, really, significantly, by ex-Sikhs? or ex-Buddhists? or ex-Baptists? If you say "I really never give them much thought", then that's the amount of effect that JWs & ex-JWs have on normal people.

  • OnTheWayOut

    The "world" of Christianity is getting closer and closer to realizing that SCIENCE is right and that all religion is wrong. There will be a tipping point in the distant future where that solidifies into something important. Tipping points don't necessarily remove the minority who were "wrong." Watchtower and it's former members will continue to be insignificant to the "world."

    I do understand what I think you are asking. It's something like "When will Christianity realize that Jehovah's Witnesses are a dangerous high-control group and not a part of mainstream Christianity?" All Christian sects are strange and far from the truth of science, in my opinion. It doesn't really matter how many from a strange belief system out of line with science realize that Jehovah's Witnesses are too strange for the title of "mainstream." The importance will be when the scales are in favor of science instead of religion.

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