No longer to use "house to house record" slips and "please follow up slips"!

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  • stuckinarut2

    A letter has just been read out indicating that effective immediately, witnesses are no longer to use the s-8 slip known as the "house to house" record slip, as well as the s-43 "please follow up" slip (usually used for foreign language people).

    The letter stated that this is because of the changes in privacy laws etc that are becoming common in the world today.

    I will try and get a copy of the full letter and post it ASAP.

  • AudeSapere

    I'm delighted to say that I am not sure which slips you are referring to. I've been out long enough that I have to think hard to remember these little details.

    Is the House to House slip the white one on which to write down the address of homes that were either Not Home or where literature was placed and you want to call back again?


  • Londo111

    What branch was this letter for?

    I wonder how not-at-homes would be tracked. They were the bread and butter of getting time in.

  • blondie

    The US does not have the same privacy laws as in the UK, Canada, Australia.

    Do jws in those countries use those slips?

    I would think you could use a small notebook as long as it is not an official form...

  • smiddy


    I have been out for 20 years , and yes we used to use those slips back then, here in australia.

    I know for sure when they have called here and nobody has answered the door for one reason or another they dont make a return visit as a not at home , so maybe they have changed their practice.


  • Listener

    There's a post here from 13 years ago and ExpatBrit wrote

    I heard that congregations in the UK can no longer use the not a home forms (S8)provided by the society, as they contravene the above mentioned act.

  • prologos

    I remember always writing these notes out of sight of a "good" call, for fear that as an observer they would realized that they are marked, to be the victim of return calls ad nauseum.

    claim for wt's charity works seems always based on meticulous reporting. so one reporting tool is cancelled now? what will follow, no more keeping records of contributions either?

  • SaritaJ

    They stopped the use of those slips in some European countries some years ago.

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    I remember when S8s were stopped and we all used little notebooks instead.

    So would that be Jws following the letter of the law or the spirit of the law I wonder.

  • TheOldHippie

    Old news. In most European countries, they have not been used for years because of privacy laws.

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