More Young Indoctrination

by freemindfade 22 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • stuckinarut2

    How leading were those directions in the Kingdom Ministry!!!????

    "have a re-enactment of an OUTSTANDING experience"...



    What if there WERE NO SUCH experiences in the local cong?? Then we will see hundreds or thousands of MADE UP or EMBELISHED "demonstration re-enactments" take place...

    What does that teach children in the cong?? That it is OK to lie and make up stuff in order to be praised in front of the congregation!

  • steve2

    Out of the mouths of babes come irritating nursery rhymes, bumper-sticker sermons, burps and worse.

    The Nazis had their little diapered angels goose-stepping to marching music and turning in their parents as quick as you could say, "Who's been a naughty boy?"

  • yodastar

    Disgusting. No part of the world but happy to use technology to promote that bullshit to the gullible minds of the youth, It's just so cringe worthy.

    Seriously how old were those kids? 7? Of course they will do it because they want to please but then so do puppies.

    This site helped me after so many years get rid of some stories that to be fair, no one else would understand and yet there are so may on here that are still attending. I understand the guilt with family etc. but still not sure why you put yourselves through it. When the mind fade stops being imputed then you will start to heal. My 2cents worth.

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