More Young Indoctrination

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  • freemindfade
    Not sure how wide spread this is, but from my social media land I saw 2 separate videos, from two halls in completely different towns featuring their kids having a demonstration on the Service Meeting (i am guessing last night as I didn't go). These kids are really young! Maybe this was just a coincidence at first I thought it was the same video then realized theses people live hundreds of miles apart. I was < 10 when I joined the school, but still, seems they are really railing now on locking in the born in's as future battery for the jw matrix.
  • prologos

    the forced showing of the video, this week's service meeting was scary for kids, infantile for the adults.

    infantile adults liked it.

  • hoser
    There was a video shown loosely based on scripture It was a pixaresque cartoon showing how Sophia was scared to preach to her classmate. It went into a bunch of made up stuff about how the Israelite girl was afraid to talk to naaman about how the prophet in Israel could cure him of his leprosy.
  • wifibandit

    That last part was so weird. We have CO visit and they're showing freaking cartoons. The the kids parrot the lines their parents forced them to practice, all so the parents look good in front of the CO & COW.

    Here is that video:

  • DesirousOfChange

    They know that born-ins are their only real growth. And they realize that 2/3 or born-ins abandon the religion. (Pew Report) And often when the kids "check out", the discouragement factor takes out the parents too. Or, too often the parents (and entire families) leave because of how harshly the kid that made a mistake gets treated by the Gestapo.

    I think they see the trend and are trying to fix things.

    Image result for spiral down


  • steve2
    Cows are milked for profit, so why not children too?
  • Hold Me-Thrill Me
    Hold Me-Thrill Me

    I do not care for this sort of stuff. These cartoons aimed directly at children are skipping over the parent who should be the one to instruct their child. This is intrusive and detrimental to the parent's ability to teach their child in accord with the child's needs and maturity.

    It is nonsense. Today sesame street reigns at the Watchtower not just for the children but for all. Can you tell me how to get to sesame street? Yes, 124 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn NY. Goofy and Donald Duck are there also just ring the bell sit down and watch the next cartoon.

  • TTATTelder

    Yeah at our hall it was a 5 year old that did the demonstration.


  • OneFingerSalute

    Yeah I had to sit through that buIIshlt part too. First a ten minute cartoon complete with a Shrek wannabe, and then a little kid showing how she "witnessed" to her teacher. Nothing other than the kid showed a jdubya-dot-org cartoon video. Then the oh-so-precious "return visit" where the little brat pass off a summer convention invite. And of course teacher was so thankful, and said she would definitely make plans to attend. . .even though it is over 500 miles round trip.

  • freemindfade

    Wow, that video is great!!! Teaching kids how to experience GUILT of Cult $hit.

    With the animating of the kids they over use expressions of shame, sorrow, guilt,

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