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  • JWdaughter
    THe printed books are HUGE. One would need a fairly large safe to hide them in(they won't hide easily among your socks and t-shirts)..I love that it is available online. Printing is super expensive-just to set up the first run would not be cost effective for the limited demand.
  • Watchtower-Free

    As a 2x published author. I know currently there is the option of print on demand that is not that expensive.

    Doing a print run through a publishing company is for neophytes .

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    I've put up a post on the website asking if anyone knows who owns the copyright.
  • oppostate

    For those stii in with family a pdf/ebook is much easier to make use of.

    Didn't Freeminds make some arrangements to keep CoC in Print?

  • babystar_jr
    Ray's nephew wrote a comment. His name is Mar* Hag****. He resemble Ray in appearance.
  • pronomono
    It looks like I'm a month late to this party. I had this very question today and was interested in seeing it go back into print, maybe with someone writing a foreword in dedication to the life of Ray and Cynthia. It'd be nice to see someone today that is continuing the work of exposing JW lies and hypocrisy to do a foreword, someone who themselves has been influenced by Ray..... John Cedars or Paul Grundy maybe? I wish there were some real contact information on the Commentary Press website so that we could get an answer as to where continued publishing stands. It still needs to be available as a PDF/ebook for secrecy, but as was mentioned, some of us still want a physical copy, for me if nothing more to remind me of who I was and who helped me change for the better.
  • RayPublisher

    Once again the most important book that any former JW or struggling JW could read is not available in hard copy... it's a travesty.

    An excellent audio version (not yet complete though) is on my friend's youtube channel here:

    And his video series summarizing much of the content of the books is here:

  • GodZoo

    I wrote to the managers of the Raymond Franz site where the pdf's in several languages are sold and they told me that Commentary Press had promised them that they would undertake the printing of hard copies but have never fulfilled their promise

    Here's what they said:

    Several years ago Commentary Press promised to sell new printed books of Crisis of Conscience. But since Ray and his wife are dead, they seem no to accomplish this promise
    Waiting for this hypothetic day, the only way to get this book is to download a copy.

  • wifibandit
    I'm tempted to just start printing "unofficial" copies (at cost) and then seeing who sends in the copyright Cease & Desist.
  • Crazyguy
    I have hard copy of COC and a beautiful Book of the Dead. Wife doesn't know about the first one. Funny thing is no demons, I mean I have had COC for a few years now and got the Book of the Dead a few months ago and still no demons. What's a guy got to do to get some damn demons in his house?!

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