JW making music videos now?

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    Seriously, WTF? They are just another XIAN sect now. If you want a good laugh, fast forward to the "family worship" section. LOL!!! They say it just becomes a boring question and answer session...


  • androb31

    pronomono vs. 2 "I like book bags"

    Oooh Sista smoothskin

    You say you wanna get in my Benz

    Well scuse' me scuse' me

    All I got is my service hoopty

    She grabs her book bag

    And jumps right in the back

    We're set, let's jet

    Brotha chaperone's not having that

    I'm tired of these magazines

    Saying premarital sex is not the thing

    Take the averege dub and ask him that

    You'll be in the backroom in a snap

    So Brothas?




    Is it break time yet?

    (hell yeah)

    Well let's take it

    (take it)

    Take it

    (take it)

    Time to finish this B.S. up

    Where'd I put my book bag?


  • pronomono

    Excellent v2, Androb.

    So far, the first two attempts at the GB making a music video has failed. Listening to them, I can't help but think "How is this any different from all the other Christian music that is out there?" Answer: In all the other Christian music, you'll at least find some talent.

    In all fairness, even though this isn't my style of music, these are probably could be classified as really good first cuts that could be made better by a qualified sound engineer, but the volunteer workers aren't doing it justice.

  • rosyray

    powermetal4ever: I saw an other one, have forgotten its name. But they sang something about "this is the best life". I was really surprised, kind of a pop song. Isnt that what a lots of other religions and cults are doing? One more evidence for me that it is a cult.

    This was at the end of the first broadcast in October around the 48:30 time frame. The statement given right before the video is introduced: "Truly being in the truth at any age is the best life anyone could hope for even in this present system." Music video entitled: The best life ever



    At any age.... Just like the old Elder I know who just died. He was never going to get old or die.


  • Zordino

    Pronomono. That was happifying.

  • Zordino

    You 2 should do a JR rap music video and post it on you tube

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