Rules and Regulations

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  • Pathofthorns

    It is usually out of what seems to be necessity and good intention that rules and regulations are formed. It reminds me of how the Pharasees originally made such rules to prevent people from transgressing the Law. What started out as good intentions, became burdensome and oppressive.

    While I'm not saying such a situation is identical to what is happening here, it does illustrate that when rules are introduced to control people's behavior, oppression and lack of freedom is never far away.

    Of course, we don't live in an ideal world where each person will conduct themselves responsibly and respect the freedoms of another. For the most part though, most here seem to grasp basic Christian principles and appear to govern themselves responsibly. This is what makes this place particularly attractive.

    My suggestion Simon is to hold the course for the time being. Besides, when one cannot enforce the rules, of what benefit are they to anyone? One rule simply leads to the next.


  • Simon

    Yes, I don't want to get into having lots of rules. Unfortunately not everyone is sensible or considerate of others.
    We'll just have to see how things go I guess.

  • waiting

    Dear Friend,

    Andyman says I've misjudged you and that you're really a nice person - and quite informative.

    I apologize if I was out of line in my comments - just some unique visitors hit at the same time.

    Ready for another topic discussion?

  • waiting

    Oops, double posting.

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  • Roamingfeline

    Our wonderful SC states: Does this mean I can't call someone a bonehead? :-)

    Thanks for the memory, SC. One of my favorite MS' who was eventually sadly disfellowshipped, used to fondly call me bonehead. It wasn't taken as an insult back then, we were very good friends.
    I'll always treasure those times a few years ago, and remember them fondly.

  • waiting

    Dear Roaming,

    Guess it's all in you how type it!

    Be careful calling SC wonderful. I said he was a great guy, but then he reminded me that I had previously called him a dork - like his wife did.

  • Dubby

    I appreciate the need for civility. However, sometimes hineys need to be kicked. I, myself will not use four-letter words. Having said that, I want to kick Friend's hiney a little. I appreciate that most think he is articulate and knowledgable, yada, yada, but his arrogant and demeaning attitude when responding to people does not endear him to me.

    Friend, you are what some people call a "know-it-all", even though you don't. Your wordy diatribes and WT apologetics show how ingrained the WTS teachings have influenced us. You say that you would defend your brotherhood. What do you mean? That, to me, means that you will defend the WTS at all costs. Yes, I understand that you have a few problems with WTS teachings. But, the impression you give is of a hard line WTS brown-noser.

    "Enjoy God's creation, ride a dirt bike!"

  • Roamingfeline

    To Dubby,

    I agree. Friend loves to try to obscure the intended meaning with flowery phrases and many words. But if you cut through the bull dust you just find arrogance and the usual "Doublespeak" of the hardliners for the WTBTS. Typical elder mentality and attitude. Not worth my time to argue with him. Eloquence cannot take the place of facts. And Friend only posts half the facts. He uses only the written word and never what is actually spoken and acted upon by the WTBTS. Worthless drivel. Print it and line my litter box with it and I will walk away muttering "It's redundant".

  • Pathofthorns

    2 years later... not much has changed really.. more people and Pathofthorns has long given up on Christianity...And whatever happened to "Friend"?


  • Elsewhere

    Does this mean that I can't moon anyone anymore???

    ( | )

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