Rules and Regulations

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  • Simon

    OK, it seems like we need to start setting up some rules and regulations as 'common sense' doesn;t seem to work for everyone.
    Feel free to submit any rules (or guidelines) that you think would help.

  • Frenchy

    That's a good start. As a suggestion: Don't reply to anyone that is being ugly and rude or that is only here to 'preach' rather than discuss. These individuals thrive on responses and finally leave when they realize that no one is paying attention to them. Your reply, anyreply is just more fuel for their infantile egos.

    When threads get a certain age and it's apparent that there is no more activity within it, it could be shunted to some sort of archive or just deleted.

  • Scorpion

    Does this mean I can't call someone a bonehead? :-)

  • Lars_Ulrich

    Yeah right.
    An obvious provocateur posts a question about “apostolic succession” (a term I doubt a single poster on this board has ever seen or even heard of applied to Charles Russell) and instead of ignoring him, the group swallow the bait like hungry trout and give him 30 politically correct replies.
    Maybe his next topic will convince us that Jesus is really God after all.
    Then somebody says, “I took my dog to the vet and felt closer to God than if I had gone out in service.”
    That’s a fascinating revelation, but it belongs at the Watchtower Observer, not on a board that purports to be for Jehovah’s Witnesses.
    I particularly enjoy the underlying thread of pity expressed for all the poor Witnesses who actually receive some joy from the meetings and still believe the Truth as taught by the WTS.
    I guess some of us were unlucky enough to be born without the “nagging doubt” gene.
    Love the way everyone’s agenda is designed to make our lives easier.
    According to the board, Jehovah’s Witnesses ver.1.01 would look this way:
    Blood transfusions- ok
    No disfellowshipping
    No field service
    No literature to read
    One short meeting a week

    One night I took all the posts and ran them through a little program I wrote that extracts the predominant theme.
    It came up with “How I was screwed over by the WTS “

    Tell me again I haven’t entered the “Twilight Zone”.

  • Andyman

    I am new to the board, but I have been lurking for a few weeks now. I enjoy the discussions, and think it is great to have a place where brothers and sisters can come and "freely" discuss things that are bothering them, without fear of reprisal.

    Your are right Simmon there does have to be some "rules and regulations" in order to keep things from getting carried away.

    In my view "Lars" is just a troll looking for trouble. I have seen this happen on other boards. They come in and try and disrupt things because the "thinking" process going on isn't the same as theirs.

    You suggested earlier in another post that everyone should ignore "Lars". I agree. If nobody plays his game he will simply go away.

    Once again I enjoy this board, and thanks for providing it.


  • waiting

    Dear Andyman,

    Thanks for coming forward and saying what I couldn't think of politely how to say. And I'm not on pain medication anymore - so my polite obsenities won't fly anymore.

    To my knowledge, I'm the only one until recently who has used a curse word here - I apologize - my redneck background is strong.

    Recently, several posts have used a lot of cursing, and unnecessarily so - just as in my usage. Perhaps it's time I, and others, stop in case we make others uncomfortable. Myself, I forget others who I don't know might be reading our posts. I'll have to resort to Southern Redneck, which is harder on the ears that a good old curse word - but more accepted.

    "Paranoia strikes deep" is part of an old rock song famous in 60's. Keeping in mind that's my generation (late 60's, thank you), there's a couple of ways to look at the most outspoken of the forum's newcomers, particularily since H20 posted a notice that this forum was outspoken on things which are questionable in light of being Witnesses.

    1. Friend is an extremely articulate, knowledgeable, person. He keeps me on alert, and is good in discussion, particularily when I can storm away, and come back later with a better response than "Oh, yeah????" He won't tell us a thing about himself, (I've asked) but is very well versed in law, Watchtower, and what the Society thinks.

    Friend's posts have made me qualify my answers, and even if he never wins me over - I've still worked hard to justify my position, or had to acknowledge his. He's like the teacher who calls you ignorant until you prove you know what you're talking about. He's good in argument, real good.

    2. And Url? Well, on the surface, he's just the other end of the spectrum of Friend.

    But your statement, referring to Url: "They come in and try to disrupt things because the "thinking" process going on isn't the same as theirs."

    Both visited here within a week of each other.
    Both trying to disrupt, or change, our thinking.
    Just coming from opposite ends of the spectrum. How odd.

    Thanks, Simon, for this Topic, it's better than going to a Moderator.

  • waiting

    Dear Friend,

    I'm sorry if I've offended you with my curiosity. I've been sick and not looked for a day or so.

    We have several new braindeads here!

  • Andyman

    Hi Waiting;

    Actually I think I know this person. There is a person who acts the same way over on a different board. They came in just like lars, rude, crude, and trying to cause problems.

    They have had their entire posts deleted twice, been banned for a week, and today they used a line just like Lars does. They used the phrase "max smart voice inserted here". Sounds like Lars to me, but the name used on the other board is "Buttinski" fits pretty good too.

    If this is you "Buttinski" I know you can play nice if you really want to. Try to behave before you get into trouble here also.

    Waiting, I also think that people like "Lars" or "Buttinski" are trying to bring out the bad in all of us. Makes them feel good I guess.

    I think that Friend has posted over at H20 before. At least someone using that name has posted there, and they sound a lot alike. Both are very knowledgeable. He is really a pretty nice person.

    Take care.


  • Xandit

    Informative comments all. I guess I'll just have to learn to ignore the more obvious coat draggers. It will take me a while to get up to speed on this stuff.

  • RedhorseWoman


    It's tough to ignore the "coat draggers", which is exactly why they post as they do. Provoking useless arguments is their idea of fun. Unfortunately, it's impossible to have any sort of discussion with them. They just bait and run.

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