Could I Make It As A Professional Gambler?

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    Hey gilwarrior,you do not want to give up the bakery for Vegas.You have a chance at something big if you stick with what you know.You already have a shop,build it up and open a second one.When that one is strong enough financialy,go for a third,and so on.You could build up a chain around the country.A few of my friends have done this and have become very wealthy.Stay focused my friend,many casino`s will be happy to take your bakery and leave you with nothing.Thats right!They will buy your bakery if you get in too deep,and let you spend whats left in their casino...OUTLAW

  • LDH


    I would suggest Bathory is right. Poker is not the game for you, but blackjack may be.

    If you are disciplined you can make a killing playing single deck or even six-deck blackjack.

    I know, I've seen it done by a close relative, who eventually da'd themself over the gambling issue.

    HOWEVER. Larc makes the right point. I will tell you this, easy come easy go--and when you make a fortune in a three hour marathon or so, you tend to forget the discipline which caused you to earn the money in the first place.

    A close relative of mine was one of the few who left Vegas with the money they won (a good portion of it anyway.)

    The rest have been lured by the lifestule of places like Vegas, and have gotten caught up in much more than they bargained for. You have to LIVE in Vegas, dude. Temptation to gamble will be every where.

    And from what I remember about you, your personality (manic-depressive) does not lend itself to the stability needed to embark on this sort of course.

    I hope this helps.


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