I left the troof behind in 2006. What have I missed?

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  • millie210

    Most of the good songs are gone from the songbook and the ones that are left have been changed around to work with new terminology.

    Speaking of new terminology

    There are no Districts anymore.

    They are called regions.

    This opportunity was used to offload all the aging men who were district overseers. So they are gone.

    The former District Convention is now called a Regional.

    The term Presiding Overseer has changed to Chairman of the Body of Elders known as C.O.B.E. and pronounced "coby"

  • joe134cd
    Kingdom hall bank accounts been emptied. More emphasis been placed on Money donations. Mortgages on Halls been canceled when they actually hadn't. More down sizing and cut backs.
  • joe134cd

    JWs are a hiracachical religion just like the catholic church. With a Pope who gives orders to his cardinals.

    I've actually quite enjoyed this post as it gives me time to recap the events of the last 2 years since I walked on the religion.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Brothers and sisters working town centres or other busy areas are now accompanied by a literature cart. The pair of JWs manning the cart stand around, silently smiling. If a passing member of the public expresses an interest or starts a conversation, the JWs then will talk in response.

    Thus, a fine witness is given to 'worldly' people.

    I wonder what the public think about this?

  • Finkelstein

    How about ATM machines at Assembly Halls, there's something I thought would never happen.

    No cash on hand at Assemblies to put into the contribution box, no problem now.

    There are signs and posters up too of children putting money into contribution boxes with Jehovah looking on

    smiling .

    Well lets say thats coming .

  • JWdaughter

    Seems to me like you didn't miss anything that matters!

  • Londo111

    No more district overseers.

    Emphasis on the new online TV channel.

    Cart witnessing.

    No more book studies (book study called Bible Study and rolled up with the TMS and Service Meeting).

    Public Watchtower and Awake are half the pages they used to be.

    Everything is about JW.ORG and some JWs wear all sorts of trinkets advertising it.

  • done4good

    I left early the same year, (actually the very end of 2005, I believe). The organization is unrecognizable to me today. It is more authoritarian today than ever, at the same time with a heavy veneer of commercialism and "mainstreaming".

    To summarize:

    1. The GB are virtually worshiped, and demand complete adherence to their leadership.

    2. JW.ORG is gigantic re-branding effort, and has brought all sorts changes in of itself.

    3. A new bible has been released that I would assume is going to be used as the basis for watering down or changing doctrine.

    4. Any last bit of critical thinking has been squashed.


  • nicolaou
    Spandex is OUT!
  • steve2

    Unfortunately, even in the midst of this whirlwind of astonishing change, the occasional "happily" married older JW male still runs off with another brother's wife, gets divorced and disfellowshipped (not necessarily in that order), serves time outside the organization, gets reinstated and brings his lovely, much younger wife with him back to meetings where they are welcomed and pick up where they left off a couple of years beforehand.

    Somethings never change. Thank God for predictability!

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