I left the troof behind in 2006. What have I missed?

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  • Finkelstein

    One thing to always keep in mind is that GB leaders of the WTS are NOT regulated in apostasy for whatever they say, do or preach, there is no regulation governing body watching over them.

    By description within the bible they have identified themselves as false prophets, commercialized ones to make matters worse.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    For the sake of absolute clarity:

    The true FDS class are now going to be ruptured before the other anointed get their way. The generation of 1914 have been already overcrapped by those who came later and Armageddon will definitely arrive, immediately afterwards, like within 150 years (unless that is not convenient). So the faithful will get the reward of perpetual servitude under the GB so long as they answer up at the Watchtower study which now forbids any personal opinions or insights. All that is required to be a JW is to be able to read and praise the GB... but thinking is no longer permitted. Anyone with private thoughts at odds with the newly divine Governing Body is taken out to have their brains removed by the Bethel doctor. It is now compulsory to be permanently in debt to the JW org as a statement of worship. Everything is now “new light” since everything was wrong before but we must all thank and pray to the Governing Body since the new light seems to be coming out from their trousers.

    I hope this explains the recent changes in the org.

  • ToesUp
    They need your money now more than ever. You haven't missed a damn thing. Enjoy your life....we are!
  • snare&racket
    I left around the same time, I love that I have no idea what they sell anymore. It helps to have closure when the world you once lived in doesn't even exist anymore.
  • joe134cd

    On a more lighter note.

    Social networking is totally ok.

    Playing wordly music by rap artists in the KH and Bethel is totally acceptable.

    Having kingdom hall parties and putting them on you tube not a problem either.

  • joe134cd

    We have the jw version the catholic cross e.g jw.org.

    Cartoons, colour in and join the dots for the young kids in the mags.

    Commercial style halls. Easier to flick later.

  • Jehovah lol
    Jehovah lol

    Sounds like they've gone more mainstream.

    Have they caved in on blood yet?

  • millie210

    cracks are appearing but no cave in yet.

    1) They allow hemopure (a cow blood product)

    2) Have a letter of acceptance that parents can sign giving Drs permission to give blood to minors while "absolving" parents of blood guilt.

    3) Changed the wording a tad in the elders manual to allow for not DFing if the person is repentant or if its "not well known".

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    armageddon happened. invisibly--of course. this is the new system. i know it looks like the old system---but we're all waiting on jehovah to do something. but it might take some time------
  • joe134cd

    Kingdom halls in Chile flying the national flag to avoid having to pay a fine on national independence day.

    More centralization of doctrine and operations.

    Don't wear tight pants or coloured socks and if you not a MS by the time your in your 20s then your not a very suitable marriage mate.

    Major issues with sex abuse law suites.

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