Should the constitution be amended to make being and adherent of Islam a crime?

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  • punkofnice

    Oh, well. I can't comment on this one....I'm a Brit living in Englandistan. The Caliphate is coming to the UK.

    Here is a brief interlude......

  • lisaBObeesa

    "the right of the people peaceably to assemble" seems to be a key part. Do no harm to others overrides all other clauses.

    Dear Government

    We would like you to recognise our religion please. We believe that black people are inferior and we should have the right to enslave them and kill any who object.


    Really? You'd support that would you?

    I WOULD support people's right to be members of the KKK and would NOT support them be able to enslave or kill or terrorize anyone. That is the law of the land already.

    Being a member of the KKK IS totally legal in the US, protected by the United States constitution, AND enslaving or killing people of other races is illegal.

    But being a member of the KKK? Totally legal because this is a free country.

    Killing people is not legal and not protected by the constitution.

    Being a member of the Moonies? Scientologists? Radical Rightwing Anti-Government groups? Any crazy stupid religion you want, no matter what they believe? What to believe in and follow Charles Manson? Any political party you want? All legal and protected by our constitution.

    America has her faults, but freedom isn't one of them!

    (Another interesting thing about the KKK is they claim to be based on Christian principles, and they point to Bible verses to justify their beliefs and actions. But it would be crazy to judge all of Christianity based on how a tiny fraction twist the Bible.)


    Gustv Cintrn,

    confusedandalone agrees with you. The OP was a question, not a statement of belief. In another thread, people were calling for Islam to be outlawed in the United States, and there seemed to be wide agreement with the idea! Perhaps in this thread we will see if there really is wide agreement on this board for that idea... who knows? maybe most Americans on this board are ready to throw the constitution out the window.... but I don't think so! (God, I hope not...)

  • lisaBObeesa

    Should the constitution be amended to make being and adherent of Islam a crime?

    Oh, and you can put me down as a 'no' in this poll...

  • Simon

    Simon you will know when I think my point has been made. Till then just shut up and enjoy the ride

    How about you learn some manners?

  • confusedandalone

    Simon your being hypocritical. You feel free to insult and throw little jabs at any and everyone you chose. People who agree with you are allowed to do the same. Someone does it to you and you get mad or want to request someone learn manners? What about your manners? Come on BRO.

  • Qcmbr

    confused - are you hypocritical ?

  • confusedandalone


  • Qcmbr

    So we are left with you either trolling (in which case well played) or monologuing an inconsistent vent against <person|country|concept> (in which case my advice is to chill out , have your say with a bit of tact and then enjoy people sharing their views.)

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